Top 10 Best PS4 Games of 2018

What’S up guys Earnest here from 760 games, released on the ps4 this year, 155 of them received their play scores and from that we’re gon na give you the top 10 best PlayStation games of 2018 arranged by play score. The play score is an average of gamer and critic ratings and opening our list is Celeste. Winning the 2018 game Awards for Best independent game and games for impact Celeste deserves a spot in the playstation force competitive rankings. Amid today’s obsession for vast explorable, open worlds, Matt, Thorson and Noel berries, indie game is a 2d platformer that manages to overcome the limitations of form from the creators of sky torn and towerfall ascension. Their expertise are on full exhibit with their level designs. That makes up basic jump and climb in ways that open players up to broad platforming possibility, still built upon the same masochistic formula of tried, die and repeat.

It’S warm hug of a storyline isn’t enough to balance it all out following the character Madeline and her journey up. The eponymous mountain Celeste narrative expresses veritably human struggles in a dreamlike atmosphere is one that resonates with today’s crop teaching lessons on mental health and the upward struggle of overcoming it. Frustration with the charming purpose.

It has a playscore of 8.9 3, it’s all of mice and men at number 9, with Maus released in February 2018. This adventure game from poly art will let you experience a storybook fantasy first and not exactly a graphical marvel. It’S one of the few VR titles that maximize the platform’s potential, while offering a complete narrative experience using the powers of VR Moss, tells a short and sweet tale seen through the eyes of the little man or rodent play as guide to the game.

Small, yet noble mouse quill as she goes on a quest for greatness in a world decidedly larger than her own targeted towards children. Its gameplay combination of puzzles and platforming isn’t exactly much of a challenge it clocks in at around three or so hours of gameplay, but every second is rifle. It is endearing visuals, intuitive controls and inventive mechanics, making subtle use of the VRS functions.

It voted well for the future of the psvr and the platform itself. It has a playscore of 8.9 3, giving us a commie homily wave at number. 8 is Dragonball Fighters, one of the most hyped up fighting games last year. This Dragon Ball inspired. Fighting game came to us in the early days of 2018 and it looks like the excitement hasn’t died down just yet, along with Arc System Works, a company known for the cult, fighting sensation guilty gear, Vaughn die, Namco gives free reign to sprinkle, their signature, cinematics and Animations to their world of high-flying combat, it’s definitely not the first dragon ball game and compared to others that have come before it.

Fighter’S roster of 24 characters isn’t exactly impressive. On the other hand, Arc System Works brings the four to the spirit of the series in its explosive visuals and callbacks to the anime. Not one to skimp on gameplay in this title also strikes that balance between accessibility and strategic depth that unites fighting, rookies and veterans alike, maintaining quality with recent balance patches and adding eight more characters in DLCs. The game is only getting better and better and it receives a playscore of 8.9 4 coming straight out of the playroom and into the number 7 spot is Astro bot rescue mission coming to the shelves at the tail end of 2018, Japan Studios adorable Eve light blue Robot has become this year’s psvr poster boy, seemingly coming out from the know where the VR platformer manages to steal the show entirely, even so far as winning this year’s best VR game. It’S not that it’s groundbreaking or entirely new, no Astro bot defies expectations because it attempts to perfect the platforming experience on the VR in the most genuine way possible. It’S only goal is to delight, and it does so with its vibrant environments and each with peripheral, surprise, reminding us of the pure joy virtual reality and of being completely enveloped in a digital world.

Astro bot is tactile, intuitive and inventive, making good use of proximity and the DualShock, for it almost makes platforming and the platform itself entirely new, though a short experience as most VR games go, it’s undoubtedly an essential one and it has a playscore of 9.0 4 slamming Her weapons down at number 6 is monster hunter world, a franchise that bill it’s named on action, role-playing game play that revolves around taming and battling humongous creatures. This first entry into a new generation takes all that and expands it to fit the larger scale of today’s powerful consoles with a sprawling size and scope. Equaling. The behemoths that it’s known for Monster Hunter world’s graphical upgrade not only makes for immersive exploration. It also does justice to the ferocity of their diverse bestiary other than the obvious makeover. Mh world isn’t much of a deviation from Capcom’s long-established formula and that’s not a bad thing.

Instead, it homes in on the addictive thrills of their signature, combat and refines the little details of the overall hunting. Experience, though, aimed towards casting a broad net of players, it synthesizes well with the game’s, revamp multiplayer an audacious entry into the new generation. It has a playscore of 9.1 3. What’S your favorite PlayStation 4 game this year, tell us all about them in the comment section also. You can get these awesome titles by using the links provided in our description box and if you want more of what to play check out our gameplay channel what to play live where we play the latest and greatest games out there. You can use the link right here in the top right corner rolling.

The dice of number five is divinity original sin 2 definitive edition, as if the second installment to their breakthrough hit wasn’t good enough. Larian Studios guilds, refined gold, with this definitive edition of their exceptional RPG, released on the ps4. Just last August, divinity sequel has been described as one of the richest role-playing games on the market in earned universal acclaim for bringing the creativity of pen and paper adventuring into the digital form, with its breadth of customizations, interactive environments and fully fleshed out storylines original sin. Two’S wealth of options makes for a complete role-playing experience, no matter how many times you play and with a definitive edition, adding a fresh perspective on both multiplayer and singleplayer. It only served to bolster the sequels success while the console controls weren’t perfect. It’S minor quibbles just weren’t enough to dampen the sparkle of larry ins, polish gem.

It has a playscore of 9.1 6. Let’S get big and emotional at number 4, with Shadow of the Colossus, a true PlayStation Classic team, ICO’s master crafted action-adventure game gets a PlayStation 4 makeover. Si a Japan, Studios and Blue Point games.

Take the helm to recreate the beautiful and emotional video game for everyone to play. For starters, the visual enhancements textures and the smooth 60 frames per and make it an exhilarating journey right along its desolate world, with your trusty steed and Slade down towering colossi, an epic third-person action all for the power of love. Its downside, however, is that it’s a remaster, it’s basically the same game, but with a completely fresh visual polish.

The bosses don’t offer much challenge, since all you do is climb and not fall down. The lack of new content makes it less of a remaster, but it’s still a fantastic adventure nonetheless, due to its wonderful story of romance and hope it receives. A playscore of 9.1 7 swinging in at number 3 is marvel. Spiderman insomniacs record-breaking new IP no longer takes you to the shoes of ratchet & clank.

This time, Marvel’s web slinging superhero takes center stage inspired by Rocksteady super hero formula. Marvel spider-man takes you to a bustling open-world city of New York, dominated by high crime rates, supervillains and collectibles. Since your spider-man web slinging is so much fun this time around it’s easily the best thing about this game. Players swing around buildings, crawl on skyscrapers, burry thieves with your webs and fight thugs, as you upgrade your suit for that massive gameplay advantage, it’s huge and detailed open-world makes every web slinging worthwhile, especially taking down the big baddies from Peter Parker’s rogues gallery. Although it’s a huge game, it’s simple execution of open-world tropes make it similar to most other open-world games.

It brings nothing yet to the superhero genre table, but you know what they say. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It has a playscore of 9.1 8th bringing down the big axe at number. 2. Is god of war winning this year’s game of the year at the game. Awards follow Kratos and boy as they embark on a life-changing journey about fatherhood, responsibilities and world ending prophecies considered.

As a soft reboot of the franchise, Kratos no longer serves the Greek gods. This time the Norse realm awaits his presence traveled to the frosty realm of Midgard or through the peaceful, yet corrupted Alfheim alongside your son, and take down mythical creatures with your magical axe for the first time of the series it incorporates a more mature take on everyone’s God, slaying protagonist and his new camera angle seamlessly puts players in a completely epic hack and slash experience if short game. Time, however, leaves players wanting for more one thing’s for sure about this game. Thor and Odin aren’t happy with this father and son duo. It receives a playscore of 9.4 9 and here are the runners-up before we reveal the number one Tetris effect enhance game’s twist on the classic brick game, a vision, trip with ethereal and futuristic visuals. It’S a casual, friendly, Tetris experience that anyone can enjoy.

It has a playscore of 8.8 6 dragon quest 11 echoes of an elusive age, a refreshing new look on Yuji Horii Dragon Quest universe. This 11th installment brings high definition to the RPG gameplay, an old-school adventure wrapped in the liberating details of the new age. It has a playscore of 8.8 6 hollow Knight, void, heart Edition, packed with all the DLCs as the complete hollow Knight experience follow the little bug boy on his quest to save hollow nest from doom. It has a playscore of 8.7 9.3 mastered a completely remastered Dark Souls. Experience praise the Sun once more with a new visual overhaul, gameplay balance and another round of hardcore action-adventure. It has a playscore of 8.7 for yakuza kiwami, a ground-up remake of the 2006 yakuza developed using the latest dragon game engine, adding new features, bonus, content and a whole new story to the sprawling open world of Japanese escapades.

It has a playscore of 8.7 for DJ max respect. A reboot of neo is iconic rhythm game. It marks the latest in there groovy series offering various tracks from their collection. Try your hand at over 6 different modes and take in the freshness of their HD. Look.

It has a playscore of 8.7 one Dragon’s crown Pro a story of swords and sorcery from vanilla, where it’s remastered, visuals and added content. Take the award winning strategy experienced to greater heights, praised for its RPG mechanics and challenging dungeon crawling. It has a playscore of 8.6 9 yeah cos a six-song of life vii main entry of the Yakuza series returned to the life of Kazuma Kiryu, as he saves his family’s life from a mysterious threat.

It has a playscore of 8.6 seven dead cells, live and die and live again in this hardcore roguelike platformer, 4motion twin brave, through infested dungeons and try not to die, so you can make it to the end. It has a playscore of 8.6 6 Valkyria, chronicles 4 war meets anime, and this tactical role-playing game from sega save your kingdom from a grueling civil war. One move at a time it has a playscore of 8.6 5 and the best ps4 game of 2018 is Red Dead Redemption rockstars Western open-world action game may not have taken home the game of the Year award, but it’s certainly one of the most ambitious video game. Achievements: this year, a prequel to the original Red Dead Redemption players assume the role of outlaw Arthur Morgan as he tries his best to save the western frontier against the growing government forces.

As a member of the van der Linde gang assert your dominance by either performing shootouts heist, horseback, riding or just interacting with various NPC’s in a huge open world, a true upgrade compared to its predecessors, experienced rockstars, most detailed game. Yet right around the western sunset. With your trusty steed start bar fights or just talk to the folk around town with branching dialogue options. However, it’s only gripe is its pacing issues. Rockstar isn’t really known to enter games in a good note, but nonetheless, this minor setback is nothing compared to the game’s. Sheer amount of aw there’s so much to do in this game and it gives us so much hope to rockstars upcoming Grand Theft, Auto 6.

It receives a playscore of 9.5 and those were the top 10 ps4 games of 2018. And if you loved this video, don’t forget to like share and subscribe to become a certified what player and that’s about it, see you next time,

The Game Awards 2018 Highlights

The 2018 Game Awards just wrapped up, and aside from giving us a bunch of awesome sneak peeks, some of the best titles of this year we awarded for their brilliance. Here’s the main ones that you need to know about: The Game of the Year award went to God of War! A well deserved win. Best Game Direction – God of War’s Cory Barlog from Santa Monica. God of War also won best action adventure.

Best Narrative Game was won by Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2, beating out God of War, Detroit Become Human, Life is Strange 2 episode 1, and Marvel’s Spider-Man. Best Performance – Roger Clark for Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2 Best Score Music – Red Dead Redemption 2 Best Independent Game – Celeste, the only other indie game to be nominated in the Game of the Year award. It also won the Games for Impact award. Best Role Playing Game – Monster Hunter World Who promised great news for their fans in a few days, so be sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled!

Best Sports Racing Game – Forza Horizon 4. The winner was announced after a bit of a cringe moment where the Mortal Kombat 11 trailer was screened instead of the nominees, but Ed Boone, the presenter, took it in stride. Best Ongoing Game – Fortnite. Fortnite also won best multiplayer, and debuted a new mechanic that went live in the game as of the award show; the block, which features awesome creations crafted by players in the Fortnite Creative mode. Who else won? Best Audio Design – Red Dead Redemption 2 Best Art Direction – Return of the Obra Den Best Mobile Game – Florence Best VR AR Game – Astro Bot Rescue Mission Best Action Game – Dead Cells Best Debut Indie Game – The Messenger Best Fighting Game – Dragon Ball Fighterz Best Family Game – Overcooked 2 Best Strategy Game – Into the Breach Best Content Creator – Ninja – but perhaps the best moment of this award was Christopher Judge saying “read it boy” as the award was being presented.

Best Student Game – Combat 2018 from Norway, which was judged by a panel that included Todd Howard of Bethesda and Hideo Kojima. ESPORTS were also celebrated at the Game Awards this year. Here’s who won.

Best Esports Player – Sonic Fox, Dominique MacLean, who wore his fox costume up on stage to accept his award. He also gave a shout out to the LGBTQ and Furry communities. Yay representation in gaming!

Best Esports Team – Cloud9, 2nd year in a row Best Esports Game – Overwatch, which got a ton of cheers from the crowd Best Esports Event – League of Legends World Championship Best Esports Host – Sjokz Best Esports Coach – Reapered, as voted by the fans Best Esports Moment – C9 Comback win in triple OT vs Faze There we have it friends! Which awards were you the most excited for? Were your predictions on point? Let us know in those comments below! Also for more on what went down at the Game Awards this year, be sure to check out our highlights video.

Super Secret Deaths in Video Games!

In the very last mission known as Stone Rain in 3-D Realms Shadow Warrior from 1997. (machine gun) You will eventually clamber up a deadly volcano to activate numerous switches. One in particular that will open up a tunnel allowing yourself to jump down into the unknown depths of the mountain. (electronic pop music) When not long after you can discover a secret panel that leads on into a special cave.

Which is home to two killer white rabbits and references the Monty Python and the Holy Grail movie. (machine gun) But as you venture in deeper you will also discover the bodies of the four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  – Cowabunga. Tomb Raider The Last Revelation and fourth installment to the series follows a 16-year-old Laura who is joined by Werner Von Croy as they explore ancient ruins located in the northwest of Cambodia in search of the artifact named The Iris. Not long after the initial tutorial and during the very early stages, you can hop across a courtyard and take a series of steps down into a small chamber where you can feast your eyes on another well-known treasure hunter. (upbeat pop music) As yes, you can find the great Indiana Jones whom has been impaled on a bed of spikes but still clutching onto his most famous of possessions.

As you progress through mission 12, Wild Territory in S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow of Chernobyl, carefully navigate through the train platforms and make a heading towards the helicopter crash site. When nearby you can find a tunnel, a dead body as you enter, an electrical current spilling across the floor combined with deadly traps. But by taking the high ground and utilizing the wreckages and containers, you will eventually find the body of Gordon Freeman, the main protagonist from Half-Life. Plus a rather powerful handgun known as the Black Kite. (alarm clock tone) (ominous alarm clock tone) (video game coins clinking) For those of you that have played Kojima’s digital comic adventure Snatcher on a variety of console ports, will know that Gibson’s death is a rather gruesome one, upon discovering him with free pokies.

Roll forward to 2008 when Fallout 3 arrived and by traveling across the metro lines from Mall Southwest to this station located at grid reference 16, 15 you will be able to find the Capitol Post building on a street corner. Where lying on the sub-level, a chap also named Gibson is slumped up against the wall and has also suffered the exact same fate with his head decapitated and resting between his legs. He was also carrying a note reading, “Search the house”, the same message from the original game. Which will lead you to a dwelling in Minefield. (elated trumpets) (video game coins clinking) In the Sega Genesis port of the hack and slash adventure the Sword of Sodan.

As you gather up four different potions and eyelet them all at once to create one wacky combination and one helluva cocktail. And then send it down the hatch, to which your characters chest will rip open. (deadly groans) And blood will seep out onto the floor while the message ‘Winners Don’t Do Drugs’ appears on the screen. Which is also a direct reference to the FBI’s screenshots that was placed on imported arcade machines to North America from 1989 to 2000.

Upon the stage known as the Forsaken Compound in Serious Sam II which was released in 2005, it is after passing the third main gates that you shouldn’t be so eager to complete the level. Cause by veering off to the left, there is a small chain of islands that leads to a secret sword, hat, and a coat. Plus a dead tree, where hanging from it, you can find the corpse of Duke Nukem with a rocket shoved through his pelvis. – [Character] Secret Duke’s skeleton has been found. – [Man In Video Game] Dude, you’ve been hanging here, like, forever. – [James] A reference to the title Duke Nukem Forever which yeah, wasn’t released for another six years after this game but believe it or not, Duke Nukem Forever was first announced back in 1997.

In 2014 Laura Croft set out on an adventure to recover the fragments of Osiris to stop Set from enslaving all humanity. – [Laura] She’s seen us, run. (rocks crashing) – [James] Roughly 10 minutes in you again liken The Last Revelation can discover another adventure. – [Laura] It seems we’re not the first adventurers to come this way. – [James] But instead of Indiana Jones, you can find the skeleton of Nathan Drake who has succumb to an awful death with a sword that has been plunged through his chest.

If you happen to walk the riverbanks of the River Charles just to the south of the Cambridge Polymer Labs in Fallout 4, then you will stumble upon a motionless boat close to the embankment. And by hopping upon it will definitely make for some great viewing as there lays a mutant shark and the body of a man sporting a machete and a bandana. Who is none other than Ben Gardner, portraying that terrifying scene from Jaws, directed by Steven Spielberg.

Yeah, for our final death scene we are checking out Beavis and Butt-Head in virtual stupidity. And it is every bit as funny, crude, and rude as the regular t-v show. As the pair skip school to join a gang and cause havoc in just about every corner of the town. (heavy metal guitar) (balls popping) – [Character] Hey. – [James] But when you visit the coffeehouse for a benefit regarding saving the sperm whales head straight into the toilets and use the foot icon on the three screws holding up the broken mirror. Then, use it upon the skull and prepare yourself for a very secret death.