The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Review

This is it the big one, it’s not the last dissolving marathon, but this is the one that a lot of you weren’t, anticipating the most The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. Okay, first off, is it ocarina or ocarina? I hear people pronouncing it differently.

All the goddamn time, how is it pronounced, then attend? No 64 was the console were numerous Nintendo franchises made their three-dimensional debut in 1996 we get Super Mario 64 and 1998. It was all the franchise to turn. I’Ve mentioned it earlier reviews that I wouldn’t come to own an n64 until 2003, but and then it mean I wasn’t aware of this year – amount of hype. This game received upon release. I recall the commercials and magazine articles, I think even came across the Nintendo Power issue focused entirely on ocarina of time, with a stout, flee or fight with a stout finish or die trying and in the end, we’ll.

Let’S now get the girl or taunting and misogyny in the Nintendo commercial, guessing that one didn’t last very long in the air Ocarina of Time is often considered to be the most critically acclaimed game of all time. Even to this day, people from all across the internet described how much of an impact the game left on not only this other community but video gaming in general, I mean this game was huge. There was nothing else like it. It’S the franchise’s first jump into the 3d world, so let’s just see how well it made the transition, like the previous reviews in the earlier console titles I’ll, be playing off the Virtual Console to provide better image quality for this review, though, I would still recommend playing The game on an actual n64 more on that later in the late 90s. If people weren’t talking about Final Fantasy 7, they were most likely talking about popcorn. Out of time, I was interested.

My mindset back in the day was to always try out the game. Everybody couldn’t shut the fuck up about. Well, I wouldn’t come to play ocarina of time until I first napped my GameCube nearly 10 years ago in 2003, if you were subscribed to Nintendo Power or purchased a newly released GameCube, you would get The Legend of Zelda collector’s edition disc, which came with the first. All the game Zelda to ocarina at a time and Majora’s Mask all in one neat little package, my Kang kid wasn’t used to one, however, and I wasn’t subscribed and it’s an app hour at the time, so I ended up borrowing my uncle’s copy. This is how I first played impeding Ocarina of Time. I can’t exactly recall how long it took me to beat the game on my first two run, but I do remember spending many weekends on it.

Much that it just may have my younger brother mark, who I shared a room with at the time when you break it down. Awkward from a simplified viewpoint, continues to follow the standards that were established in zelda 1 and approved upon in the late to the past. The biggest change ocarina time introduces is the shifts of 3d, so a majority of this review will be focused on how well the established formula works in the third dimension and what was changed to accommodate the shift before we do any of that. However, we have a story to summarize in an endless force.

Lies a young boy who lives among the Kokiri, a race of beings that resemble children, the guardian of the forest known as the great Deku Tree senses. That evil is afoot and instructs a fairy by the name of Navi to tag along with the young boy. Who is destined for greater things?

The young boy is none other than link in one of his youngest incarnations, the kids barely 9 years old in this game boy is he in for some shit in no time Lincoln, Navi become acquainted and meet up with the Deku Tree will later reveals that he’s Slowly dying from a curse that was placed on him, he attacks link with removing the curse inside of the body which link does so swiftly, but in the end the Deku Tree informs like that he was doomed from the start. I guess the great Deku Tree is not a fan of having spiders and Goa’s inside his body before dying. The Deku Tree tells link the story of the three goddesses din nayru and farore the beings responsible for the creation of Hyrule and the only triangles themselves.

The Triforce, the person responsible for placing the deaf person the Deku Tree, was a man by the name of Ganondorf who wishes to seek out the Triforce to gain ultimate power with the world. The Deku Tree bestows linked with the Kokiri emerald, one of the three spiritual stones needed to gain access to the sacred realm, where the Triforce is supposedly held. Remember the golden land from a Link to the Past, while now it’s known as the Sacred Realm right before his death, the Deku Tree sets link off to Hyrule Castle to meet Princess Zelda, who senses the exact same evil at the Deku Tree noticed to ensure Ganondorf. Doesn’T obtain the Triforce Zelda tells link they’ll need to gather the two other spiritual stones located in Hyrule to prevent Ganondorf from entering the temple of time, which is the gateway connecting the land of Hyrule to the Sacred Realm. You also need to utilize the prized possession of the Hyrule Kingdom, the Ocarina of Time, which is the key needed to open the door that leaves the Triforce. You may have noticed that the hunt for the spiritual stone sounds remarkably similar to the pendant collective, linked it in a Link to the Past.

Well, it’s true that both quests are similar in concept. The purpose for collecting the items are a bit different in a Link to the Past likely to collect the pedestal. The Master Sword to beat Jerry and in this game we’re just collecting the spiritual stuff to keep Canada waiting. The tribal wars in the sacred realm singing out loud makes you realize yeah, it’s pretty much.

The same thing with the mission clear in his head link begins his quest for the other spiritual stones. This leads in both of the Goron City and Death Mountain home of the rock eating gowron’s and zorse found in the zohr domain home of the Zoras, while these guys sure I’ve gotten a lot prettier in a 3d transition. How do you go from this to this? Are they two separate races that are both known as auras? Well, you can call the king of Zoras the fusion between the two designs, but I’m getting off topic here.

Collecting the other two spiritual stones requires link to help the gorons district. Houston Donnelly eaten up all the food and rescuing the princess of Zoras route, Oh from the insides of a large fish known as jabu jabu. The story doesn’t really evolve for going where, as you collect the stones, I mean you meet the rudia, the leader of the gorons who’s thankful for a link helping out his fellow people, but it really doesn’t go anywhere past that then you have princess ruto who, besides Being your typical rebellious princess is just the means to collect the last spiritual stone things. Don’T begin picking up again until you head back to Hyrule Castle after collecting the final stone zelda and her guardian EMPA are seen running away from the castle on horseback with Ganondorf theme soft hot on their trail during the escape Zelda tosses, like the Ocarina of Time Itself to keep it away from the clutches of Ganondorf, with Ganondorf, far away from Hyrule Castle. Link takes this time to enter the temple of time and, along with the power of the spiritual stones, uses the ocarina to open up the door of time revealing the Master Sword. The blade that gets shit done link approaches the sword and pulls it out of the pedestal where she had suddenly starts to go down.

It’S revealed that Ganondorf was secretly following link the entire time and that pulling out the Master Sword open up the path to the Sacred Realm itself. To make matters worse pulling out. The Master Sword also calls like to go into a magical induced coma, allowing Ganondorf to take the Triforce with no resistance following a bright flash link is awakened by the sage of Light. Rahu telling length of the reason why he was put to sleep was because he was not old enough to become the hero of time. Just yet.

As a result, seven years has passed and link is now becoming young, adult complete with magically produced gauntlets, tights and earrings. In a hefty information dump, Rahu explains him like that, since no one was able to stop Ganondorf from entering his takeit Roman taken the Triforce, the man has become the king of evil and has transformed the kingdom of Hyrule into a Malaysia wasteland, and by that I Mean the market place inside the Hyrule Castle area, the hydro fields, look completely untouched and Kakariko village looks perfectly fine as well. I guess it hasn’t been too bad for these people, but maybe I’m overlooking some details now that link is old enough to wield the Master Sword and become the hero of time Raoul. Instructs link to rescue the other five stages, scattered across Hyrule, where they can use their combined forces to stop ganondorf’s reign of terror over this desolate marketplace. The rest of the world to link is sent back to the temple of time, where he encounters a mysterious figure, who goes by the name of sheik, who represents the last of the sheekha’s, who could be summed up as ninjas to protect the royal family of hyrule. This series is not rocking ninjas and you know what she tells like something: every Zelda aficionado of guess.

At this point, the remaining five stages are located in five different temples: one of the forests, one of the mountains, one a large lake, went inside a graveyard and one in the desert. Now, from this point on the story, just sort of pauses, if I can describe it any other way, you have an objective – you know ganondorf’s the king of evil and all that, but until you rescue the final sage, the story doesn’t really go anywhere. This is pretty much on. Every template is structured. You approach the temple area.

Sheik teaches you a song that allows you to conveniently warp there in case you ever want to go back, you conquer the dungeon and then the sage thanks you for rescuing them. It’S only when you’re ready to take on Ganondorf himself as when the overarching story continues to unfold. There’S a bit of small talk between Lincoln each of the sages, but that’s all it is small talk. They go out of their way to describe the dangers that our common flank doesn’t help but complete that dungeon, but, seeing as we already know that the world is an utter peril with Ganondorf in control, it comes off as redundant. I know that will be a total disaster. If I don’t do anything, that’s why I’m here in the first place, to stop the wool from becoming even shittier, then there’s Sheik, a ninja who doesn’t do anything besides teach us songs and spends a majority of the game off screen when you’re about to enter the Shadow Temple, you think something’s gon na happen, that’ll cause Lincoln sheikah team-up, but all that happens is a hilariously one-sided battle with something they can’t even see after that Sheik just goes away.

You know, guess I didn’t want to have linked out the focus for anyone else, which is quite the shame too, because linked himself is an absolute piece of wood, and this game really makes that apparent. It doesn’t speak, react too much or seem to have any emotional connection with anybody in this game. If Miyamoto wanted link to represent the player in this game, well, I’m not seeing it for myself anyway. I can’t relate to this guy at all when the five or the sages are rescued.

Link heads back to the temple of time to meet with sheik, who was then revealed to be princess, zelda herself come on. Tell me that’s the reason why she barely does anything in this story. There’S could have been a perfect opportunity to show the princess. Zelda was more than just a damsel in distress.

I mean I really like her more than princess peach. So why not inject a little more badass in her Princess Zelda explains that when Ganondorf obtained the triforce in the Sacred Realm, he only received a part of it. The Triforce of power, the other 2 Triforce segments, wisdom and courage, reside in Zelda and link respectively.

Zelda gives like the power of the lighthouse to help defeat Ganondorf and as soon as she does so she’s magically captured by Ganondorf shouldn’t, have removed your ninja disguise there Zelda. Why does she remove it in the first place? What is she hiding from Ganondorf all this time?

So we pretty much know how it works from here. Link travels the Ganondorf Castle and faces off with the evil came for the climatic final battle. Well, the first part of the battle isn’t really climatic at all, which is another game of energy tennis. You can even use your empty bottles instead of your sword, effectively sapping away any sort of serious that this battle holds.

But oh man, when Ganondorf is down for the count, he uses the Triforce of power to transform into a final form Ganon and what I think is the most badass and downright threatening looking Ganon I’ve ever seen. This is what you’d call a climatic final boss battle. The music is ominous the atmosphere as done right sense of dread and well come on. Look at that to this day it’s my favorite Ganon fight out of every Ganon fight of experience in the series at this point, Zelda even lent some assistance – it’s not much, but it’s enough to give a blink enough time to deal the final blow again and complete With a stab to the fucking head Zelda and the other six sages combined their powers together and seal the defeated Ganondorf into the Sacred Realm saving Hyrule from further tyranny, with the threat of Ganondorf gone Zelda used the ocarina of time to send link back to the Past to regain his lost childhood after that, everyone pretty much just goes nuts and celebrates the defeat of Ganondorf link places the master store back in its pedestal and Navi just kind of leaves it just leaves. I thought I thought she and Link were pretty good friends at this point with a fuck. The very last scene is young link and the young Princess Zelda meeting once again in the garden where they initially met.

So you now it’s not really suggested in the story, but a lot of people believe that young link, it forms young Zelda. What Gandalf has planned for the kingdom of Hyrule and with that knowledge gambrel could be arrested before having a chance to do anything ensuring a bright future? Now, I’m not saying that’s what happens just what people believe, and you know what I agree kind of make sense. So I’m not gon na argue with it.

I know I spend a considerably longer time here, summarizing the story than any other Zelda game at this point, when he looked back at it, it’s really no more complicated or involved in sailing to the past. There’S a lot more flavor text for sure, and the game does explain how the Triforce was created as well as Hyrule in general, but that doesn’t really mean anything in the grand scheme of things in the end. Ganondorf wants to rule the world and you need to stop him. That’S what the total story amounts to. It gets the job done, but even with the jump to 3d, it doesn’t get any more complicated than that.

But what about the gameplay? Well, as I said earlier, ocarina of time follows the refining formula that was established in a Link to the Past and simply shifts it into 3d Lincoln attack with this role with the B button that could perform context-sensitive actions with the a button such as less than Objects pushing or pulling things or opening doors, context-sensitive actions if flames awakening had that. I think I would have cut it a little more slack. Well, if the power person was at least context-sensitive because of the 3d shift, the combat mechanics had to be adjusted along with it. Striking enemies with the sword is still an easy thing to do, and you can still perform the spin attack by holding the attack button down, but by pressing the Z button on the controller Lincoln lock onto whatever knobby direction. With this Lincoln easily keep track of enemies.

To effectively damage them, or no one to properly Guardians attached with this shield, which you can use by pressing the right shoulder buttons when links locked onto something holding down the Z button in general, he can perform fast moving side, jumps and dodge walls to avoid incoming Attacks he can also perform a jumping slash for a lot of damage. It’S not the most accurate attack, but it is remarkably satisfying to connect West in a Link to the Past link could equip of secondary items to use whenever he wanted to with the Y button. Here link has a total of three count’em three items to equip items from your inventory. So not only can you utilize items such as the slingshot or boomerang with one button, but by pressing the corresponding arrow button.

You can also use that bottle of milk. You have on standby or that wooden stick that makes for an effective beating weapon. This seriously kicks ass, in addition to the sword and she’ll have her own separate buttons having three item button thousand obstacles more comfortable to confront, and it doesn’t break the pace in the slightest. That’S how you do the world of Hyrule, unsurprisingly, was given a major overhaul in terms of both scale and activity. There’S a lot to do in this place.

Completing the game with little to no side quests involved will probably take you about six to seven hours. If you plan on going for heart pieces or completing specific tasks in that item expansions or going extremely out of your way to graduate also love the gold Skulltula tokens then expect your total gain times of double, possibly triple. Depending on your skill. Completing a side quest shouldn’t take too much time, but there are a few in this game that could possibly drive you. Nuts, if you don’t know what you’re doing like playing the fishing minigame, they get the heart piece or the secrets of item trading needed to get the best sword in the game.

The big bore on sword Christ. I barely made that deadline. That’S what happens when you don’t utilize the power of leaf technology? I guess, usually I don’t mind going out of my way to completely get everything in the game I did. It ends all the ones all the three of Link’s Awakening, but here it’s much more time-consuming. Not only because of the amount of things you can do, but the process of traveling across hyrule field to get to the side quest in the first place link may be a walking arsenal, but he is certainly not the fastest thing alive and with no pegasus boost Or allowing firms all the three or links awakening link won’t be kicking up dust anytime soon, Hyrule Field is very big and very spacious.

It’S filled with a lot of landmarks, but between these locations lies nothing but empty fields with the occasional p-hat. I frequently find myself sighs jumping all over the place, because it’s overall much faster than Link’s running speed, it’s like using the backpack and Symphony of the night to get the places faster. Of course it looks fucking goofy, but come on this isn’t exactly speedy here later. On in the game, you can easily work the different places with the songs that she teaches you and you even get a horse that goes by the name of the opponent, to dash across the fields with.

But this all happens in the second half of the game. For the first half you got to travel all across hyrule field on foot, especially if you want to get some side. Quests done no que porra Gabor. I don’t want to hear all of that.

Banter again. This owl will occasionally interrupt your progress when you reach an area for the first time and while it’s helpful for the first time, player you’ll, try everything in your power to avoid making eye contact with this fucking bird on your second and third playthrough god. Damnit no go away. He came poor Abu baraa boy, doing you’re not going away.

Are you open real? I rule itself, maybe a Toro travel through, but if I can complement it from one thing, its atmosphere, yeah. Obviously, the graphics have got a third dimensional boost, but this game also does a good job. Unpacking ambience the time of the day actually shifts when you’re traveling in hyrule field, leading to some potentially beautiful scenery. During your journey with the combination of good sound design, an ambient musical pieces ocarina of time does a fairly decent job of making the game’s worlds feel alive. I only wish the music was a bit more catchy.

It works, but I can’t exactly hum any of it. The temples have also benefited from this upgrade, and you can tell this is early as the first dungeon inside the great Deku Tree. Exploring these places, especially on your first time, can be an unnerving experience, because you never exactly sure what waits on the other side or around the corner. Now there’s nothing like anything.

You would encounter and survive a horror type of game, but people with a dungeon map and compass to help leave the way you’ll still need to expect the unexpected, whatever the hell. That means, personally from an experienced viewpoint. I don’t find the temples in this game to be that challenging. I do, however, find a number of them to be quite long, I’m not sure whether or not because of the 3d shift or people complaining that the judges just weren’t long enough in the previous games, where there are some thunders in this game that just never seemed To end yes, I’m talking about the God day of water temple, which for years has been the cause of despair for many players. You know what the forest temple bugs me too.

I can never remember the level design in this place and I always end up spending close to an hour completing this temple, it’s a little too bleak for my tastes. The reason why the water temple gets so much shit from a lot of people that have played this game. It’S not just because of the constant needs to raise or lower the water levels to get to new locations, but the need that constantly follows the game is switched to the iron boost to walk underwater. You know what really aggravates me about this temple, though you know, when you’re trying to solve a puzzle when you spend so long looking for the solution and then when you finally find that you slap yourself in the forehead for not realizing it earlier. This place is chock-full of that kind of shit and it pisses me off.

I just can’t, for the life of me, remember the fastest method of completing this place, and why can I use nothing, but my hook shot underwater or better? Yet why can’t I just fucking swim? Mario can do it, I’m sure, link and do it to other temples in the game, such as fire, temple of shadow temple and spirit temple are pretty fun to travel in, as I think they not only have better design chambers, but also better balance and publish solving A combat and don’t require too much back track in the resi head of the temple to fight the boss, I’m not sure whether I’m the minority or the majority here, but I found out a lot of these bosses that rhetoric a clucks I’m the type that always Makes sure, as he has a backup fairy in his bottle in case, I lose too many hearts or a spare red or blue potion to recharge my life bar, but even with those precautions, I don’t find myself losing too much help when fighting these guys, they’re, bigger And meaner than they have ever been so far, but beating them is a no-brainer. I think the tips nabhi can offer you when he locked on to an enemy or boss, helps in the matter or Navi.

She gets so much shit for being that one fairy companion that doesn’t know when to shut the fuck up, but really the only time I find her annoying is when she’s telling me to go to my next destination when I’m already on my way to the next Destination other than that she’s pretty cool, it’s a little loud. You want to know. What’S really annoying, though, trying to play ocarina songs with a fucking analog? Stick if you’re gon na play the original release of this game, I seriously recommend playing the original cartridge on an original n64.

With the original controller with the ocarina, you need to input the correct sequence of notes to play the specific songs with the arrow buttons to either discover hidden areas, treasures or progress with a dungeon or plot in the game. Keeper virtual console releases, the arrow buttons, are mapped to the right analog, stick and it’s extremely sensitive to the touch. It’S very easy to accidentally mess up a string of notes and every time that happens, I died a little inside. No other item in the game, though, requires his recommendation.

Links arsenal is back and it’s packing the same punch. It didn’t link to the past. All the staples are hearing. We even get some new toys to play with such as fire arrows or spells you can obtain from the great fairies like dense fire or full roars win, which really helps me want to set up a warp point, and it does it to reduce backtracking. My only real complaint is the limited use of some of the items. Take the Megaton hammer, for example, what you get in the fire temple like many treasures, you discover inside a particular dungeon it’s needed to complete the rest of the dungeon itself.

After that, it’s really not that helpful anymore. This is an issue, that’s sort of persisted throughout the series in general, but I couldn’t help but notice that the most here look at link utilize, the golden gauntlets. A little of this massive piece of rock just to get the next area of the castle, wouldn’t it be great if we could put that added strength to say a super attack or something? Well, that’s not the case for readily, but it’s still rather cool to look at with everything I’ve talked about so far. It sounds like I enjoyed this game just as much as a Link to the Past.

Well, yes, and no well true how Korean that time does a damn fine job, taking everything from a Link to the Past and incorporating it into the 3d world playing ocarina of time takes a lot more out of me than a Link to the Past. Ocarina of Time is a much bigger game and while that may be a positive point to bring up for some for me, it’s a flaw. What may take me and how it’ll accomplish a Link to the Past may take me several hours to do an operate out of time, collecting art pieces traveling from one location to another. It just seems much more comfortable to do in a Link to the Past.

Perhaps it’s not fair to compare the two ones: a 2d adventure game, while the others a 3d adventure game. My point is, I have to be in a certain mood to play something like Ocarina of Time. I got ta convince myself that I’m gon na be playing this for some time. I don’t have this mindset with only to the Past. I just pick it up and play it. Could it be nostalgia, I don’t know, but I can count the total amount of times I’ve played and fully completed operating at a time with one hand, but if you haven’t played ocarina of time at this point, let me show you a bit of ocarina of time.

3D, the 2011 re-release of ocarina of time for the Nintendo 3ds. Yes, I finally got a 3ds capturing device and I think that countless amount of you for pointing me in the direction of obtaining one, I’m sure I’m gon na get a lot of use out of this baby anyway, structurally, it’s the exact same game, everything that made The original n64 title the legend has become is here and accounted for graphically speaking it’s much better. Everything was recreate from the ground up, so not only do we have higher quality models, textures and atmosphere, but the frame rate was also increased from 20 to 30 frames per second leading to much smoother animations.

The text features are also substantially faster, so you could skip all that expository banter. The out gives you very quickly. Everything about this board just seems faster, and I love it more because of it. I still got a side jump everywhere as a young link, though Pegasus boots where’d you go.

Another nifty change was to the inventory system. The ocarina now has its own button, so you no longer have to assign it to one of the item buttons to use it and it top it off. There’S an extra item button given link a total of four buttons to place items on. Oh, my, that’s Wow.

Using the touchscreen to select items to use or playing notes on the ocarina, it feels completely natural and it beats using an analog. Stick any day aiming with items like the bow and arrow or slingshot is easier than ever as well, because you can now use it. Gyroscopes that tilt the camera to where you want to aim.

You can even use it to control the camera while locked onto something unless you’re a real stickler for playing a console game on a big TV. This is the version of Ocarina time you should be playing if you haven’t, played the game, yet it’s without a doubt the definitive version of it. I recommend playing on a 3dsxl. The biggest screen really brings out the enhanced graphics. If any of you were wondering, if I’m going to be talking about Master Quest operating our x equivalent to hard mode, then no I won’t be originally. It was something you could only experience it behind the collector’s edition I talked about earlier, but the 3ds version also has it.

We had to beat the main game for us to unlock it. Just to summarize, the dungeons are completely redesigned to be more difficult and on the 3ds version the game is completely flipped. I don’t know how flipping a game has any challenge, but from what I hear, it really is a hard version of the game, but I already spent enough time just recording footage for the original version of the game. Will I ever get to it? I don’t know.

That’S not a yes or no, I’m just not sure at this point, so that was the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. What many consider to be one of the best video games of all time, the magnum opus for the Zelda franchise in general? I’M sorry! I just don’t see it, it’s a well crafted game, it really is, but this is not something I could recommend to everyone. I think the same could be applied to a Link to the Past.

But to me a link to the Past is definitely more accessible and straightforward. Ocarina of time requires a lot from the player and, unless you’re into this genre, to begin with, it may not hold you over for very long, especially if you’re the impatient type it’s aged. Remarkably well – and I’m glad I can say that, because this is definitely where you want to start, we want to begin experiencing 3d Zelda titles. Well, I personally don’t agree that it’s the best game ever made or the best Zelda game period. It is a game that deserves all the recognition and praise it received in 1998.

It made the jump to 3d perfectly without messing up the overall formula, and that’s not an easy thing to do. There were tons of franchises that bit. The dust will degrade it and quality upon making the 3d shift. What Ocarina of Time accomplished is just well legendary, just one more game left to go before we finish off the Zelda marathon. Gentlemen. The final cabinet lineup is another n64 title.

So I’ll see you guys. Next time, with The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask the clock is ticking, so I got ta get to work. See you guys next time.

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Importance of X-MEN in video games

x men games

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The shipping and handling averages around 5 dollars depending on your location. link will be in the description box below so make sure you jump on that while the offer last. But getting back on the subject at hand I wanted to talk about the fate of the X-Men in video games. Because I have a feeling that they’ll play a very prominent role in Marvel games going forward.

Since Square Enix and Marvel Entertainment have teamed up they’ve announced the Avengers Project. A title which is most likely a placeholder and will be called something else by the time the next trailer comes out. Marvel Entertainment stated that they’d be updating us sometime this year so I’m assuming we’ll be getting something this month, or December at the latest.

But anyways the Avengers Project won’t be the only entry in this new deal. Square has a multi-game agreement in place with their subsidiaries developers manning the helm. And I think it’s safe to assume that the X-Men will be filling in 1 of those spots. Because they’ve been very adamant about bringing together a team of prestigious devs to make the ultimate superhero team up.

And besides the Avengers I think the X-Men would be a smart choice. Because they’ve arguably been the corner stone in Marvel comics and their video games. Thanks to great comic legends like Chris Claremont, we’ve seen the mutants change the landscape of how super heroes are perceived. They were awesome to look at and fans were eager to play as their favorite characters like Wolverine and Cyclops. After Marvel realized that expanding to different mediums was a necessity to keep the franchises afloat we got to experience their powers first hand in side scroller beat em ups.

And thanks to the huge resurgence in the franchise from Jim Lee’s take on the team we began to see Capcom take interest. Making games like X-Men: Children of the Atom and Marvel Super Heroes which ultimately lead to X-Men vs Street Fighter. The godfather of hyper stylized 2D fighters. If you look back you’ll notice that they’ve undoubtedly been the corner stone for so many classics. Some of which are still around today.

For example they’re responsible for kick starting 1 of the most popular fighting game series in the world, Marvel VS Capcom. A series that showcased insane visuals to match it’s insanely stylish gameplay. We’d see MVC continue grow in popularity spanning direct sequels until Marvel became financially desperate and began lending the X-Men I.P. to other companies like Activision.

And this in my opinion is where we saw the true potential of the Mutant team shine through the cracks. Say what you want about Activision’s shady business tactics but they’ve arguably published some of the best X-MEN titles to date. Including classics like the Mutant Academy games which are highly underrated in my opinion.

And don’t get me started on the Wolverine games, particularly X-Men Origins: Wolverine Uncaged Edition. A movie tie-in that proved that games could be better than their cinematic counterparts. So having a successful run in the fighting game genre wasn’t the only thing the X-Men brand had going for them. I think 1 of if not the best series that they’ve been associated with is the Legends games.

Because that particular property would be the blueprint to 1 of the best action RPG’s, Marvel Ultimate Alliance. But anyways I don’t mean to go off on a tangent or anything I’m just give explain why the X-Men are so important and desperately need a new video game I.P. Because they’re popularity has sorta wavered in the past years. And I think it’s due in part to licensing issues. Like it’s quite obvious that corporate heads at Marvel and Disney have been very adamant about only including specific characters from their movies.

This is something that’s brought on a slew of complications for future Marvel game properties down the road. A couple years after the release of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Marvel Entertainment were done allowing all of their character coincide in the same game. Although they had all of their properties ready for distribution in merch format. They were done allowing them to be sold by 3rd parties in digital markets. Especially if they didn’t own the movie rights.

So that meant characters like X-Men, and the Fantastic 4 or whoever else wasn’t under that MCU umbrella wouldn’t be marketed in current Marvel games. And this is something that hurt a lot of popular titles down the line. Mainly Marvel vs Capcom Infinite.

A game that has been anticipated for over 6 years. Now obviously it turned to be a PR nightmare because who wants to play a Marvel based game if the X-Men aren’t invited? The roster for MVCI had been trimmed down so much on the Marvel side mainly because the X-Men have always made up a good chunk of the fighters. Like that’s something that I always liked about the franchise.

They’re actually capable standing on their own compared to the rest of the Marvel Universe. It really shows with how consistent the live action films have been. But unfortunately those films have caused MVCI to lack iconic characters we’ve looked forward to playing with.

And we asked and asked, when would we see Wolverine or Cyclops. Or even Sentinel but we kept getting bogus responses. 1 of the funniest explanations I’ve heard was from Capcom’s producers, ComboFiend. Coming up with the excuse that the characters are essentially just functions. And that’s simply not the case.

Who gives a shit if you took creative liberties to tailor move sets to new characters to accommodate certain play styles? Just give me Magneto and Dr. Doom. I could care less about Captain Marvel having moves similar to Phoenix.

As you can imagine this business practice has tarnished Capcom’s image. To this date MVCI is the lowest selling game in the series. It got critically panned for it’s lackluster design and uninspired story. Not only that but it didn’t see the light of day at this year’s EVO. Losing out to other tag fighters like Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Since then we’ve gotten a few DLC’s featuring characters who’re currently in Avengers Infinity War. As well as Venom who has his own solo movie But that’s about it. There have been no updates reassuring us that we will get characters like Sentinel, Rogue, or Gambit. So I think it’s safe to assume that they’re done with that entry. Or so we thought. Since then more news & rumors have started to swirling around that Marvel is finally ready to start sharing their toys again.

Supposedly Capcom are in the works of making a update for MVCI, possibly being titled MVC4. From what I’m hearing ComboFiend who had previously worked with Capcom, left the company and now works at Marvel in their game division. Allegedly he’s creating dialogue between the two companies to convince them to feature all of the characters that were missing from MVCI. Now this is a little too good to be true. So I’m a bit apprehensive about all of this info. But what I will say is that ComboFiend is in fact a part of the Marvel team now.

If you look at the end credits for Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4, you’ll see his actual name, Peter Rosas credited as a Marvel producer. So I guess you can that does add a little validity to this rumor. If this all happens to be true then the future looks bright for future X-Men games. And I think it’s largely due in part to the recent 20th Century FOX acquisition by Disney that I’m hearing will be finalized by the beginning of next year.

I’ve also heard from sources I can’t name that Square Enix has an embargo set in place for specific characters they can use in the Avengers Project. They’re most likely sitting on their hands in wait for Marvel to get the film rights to the X-Men & Fantastic 4. Since this film news has become an actual thing we’ve been seeing X-MEN characters appear in smaller Marvel related properties like mobile games. And the Fantastic Four 4 have finally returned to the comics after being discontinued for years.

So hopefully this gives the devs and Marvel the incentive to make a full fledged Avengers game that features all of the characters associated with it and not just the MCU. It’s a damn shame that MVCI had to suffer due to corporate interference. Because besides the underwhelming roster it had some pretty solid game play.

Hopefully it’ll be the last game to get this treatment. I know I mentioned in 1 of my previous videos that the Avengers Project was rumored to be the successor to Ultimate Alliance 2. So if that bit of info turns out to be true then it’ll mean Marvel & Disney are done ostracizing certain characters from future games. But with that I’d like to end this video. I don’t wanna call this an update video. It’s more of an impromptu, just giving my opinion on the the current state of the X-Men games.

And where they fit within Marvel’s new approach to producing triple A titles. Because they’re just as important in the video games as they are in the comics. But enough about what I think. I wanna know what you think. Do you feel like this FOX & Disney merger will effect future Marvel games. And do you think Square should develop a X-men game?

Lunatic-Hai : Pro-gaming team

game team

Today’s guests are…! Lunatic-Hai’s MIRO, Ryujehong, and ESCA! The fans are calling you guys Kongnatic-Hai because you’ve placed 2nd in many games, sport betting winning is better but… Yeap, winner is a good thing, a great thing Ryu! You are known as an angry player We want to know whether you are angry all the time or not I like pushing myself to the very end but playing Overwatch was a difficult thing for me despite my characteristic I get angry on the screen… * LoL * Is there a time when you want to play characters like Hanzo? I like Hanzo not because it is a bad character but because I like Hanzo – Is there a hero which you don’t like? – Hanzo for me * LoL * Is there a character you want to see in person?

(Perhaps in Cosplay) Widowmaker! Why are you laughing right now? I would like to see Widowmaker too It would certainly entertain my two eyes Three two one Everything You Want to Know (궁금셔틀) Here we go! Everything You Want to Know (궁금셔틀) Answering your questions! Hi there, this is Ryoo Ho Jung who, the interviewer of this amazing program!

Today, we will be covering the Korean players who won the Blizzcon’s Overwatch Worldcup with fabuluos gameplays and moves…! I am happy to introduce Lunatic-Hai’s MIRO, Ryujehong, and ESCA to you guys! – Hi there! – Hi Would you mind introducing yourself a bit? This is MIRO and I usually tank in the team Hi Greetings, this is Ryujehong and I am the healer Hi! This is ESCA and I am in charge of DPS in the tema I really have to tell you guys that there were lots and lots of comments Can you tell us how the team was formed?

We met together as a professional Special Force 2 gamers, except MIRO… We socialized together since then… and Overwatch was released when I finished my military service So we talked… and decide to make a team There were comments asking whether the team only chooses the fancy-looking players or not Nah… I don’t think we are that great looking guys Thank you for seeing us like that – How polite…! – Ah – Let’s talk games as we are a bit ashamed of the previosu comments… – Yeap, totally How long do you normally practice in a day?

A whole day except when we eat and sleep When do you get up and when do you go to sleep? I usually wake up at 1am and sleeps at 3 am – 3 in the morning? – Yeap 3, 4, 5… How do you keep your eyes open during the match day? I sleep early if I have games to participate – Can you sleep early?

– Nah How do you set your Mouse Sentitivity? 1600 dpi, and 1.16? – 1600dpi, and 4.9 – 1040dpi, and 9.4 You guys are all different… We can’t really refer anything from that What do we have to do to improve aiming and teamwork, and to improve our tiers? Ah this is something which I wanted to ask myself I usually play Practice Mode to improve my aiming…

I put 4 Lúcio and shoot them with McCree or Soldier – Okay – I usually practice that way Well…you’ve got to practice aiming, and play lots and lots of games to be a great player I’ve seen you guys playing games with the ones you already know… Why do you love playing games with friendly professionals? You do the interview for this question, you play like that I do play Team Queue… but I usually play Solo! If someone asks me, then I play Team Queue Yeap…That’s why Ah~ So you are saying that you play Team Queue because you are loved my others…right? Oh…That’s right How about the other two?

Not that often… but I play in team when I want to win a game easily Playing with professionals surely brings victory easily… I think that’s whay people see it badly It’s fun playing with other professionals It’s something more than just my preference – It’s easier to communicate with the ones you already know than communicating with others you don’t know in Solo Queue… – Yeap That’s why I like playing games with the ones I know Next question! What kind of games did you enjoy playing before Overwatch? I played Special Force 1 and 2… Also played Black Squad before joining Overwatch – I often play H1Z1 – What about before H1Z1? – Special Force 2…Counter Strike? League of Legends!

– League of Legends too? – Yeap, I was a big fan – I played Cypers, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm…and now I play Overwatch – Ah really? There is a question asking MIRO how good you are with Hearthstone…How good are you? – 4th best, Legend – That good?

– Yes – Professionals are good at all games… – Is that high? Yes, the highest rank in Hearthstone… Trust me Is there a story which you remember while playing FPS games? We often play 3:3 match to clean up the messes we make… and the thing is…I lose all the time My team loses all the time I am no the one to blame! I get gold medals!

but I lose all the time… What do you think before playing a game? Well, you don’t really think something before having a meal, right? 아니 뭐 밥먹거나 이럴 때 다짐하고 하지는 않잖아요 Playing a game is something natural… – You should…like for today… – Is that so?

Then do you make yourself a promise before an event or a match? – Let’s win! – Let’s win?

Let’s do this…like that What comes to your mind when you see fans who use your real names or nicknames on Twtich? – I really appreciate them – Thank you – MIRO, what about you? I heard that you are really popular on the internet – Inje (ESCA) has the largest number of fans – Yeap, ESCA Daughter, ESCA Waifu… – ESCA GirlFriend…like that Whoa…what a fan…

I saw that there were lots and lots of fans lining up to get your autographs… and there were lots and lots of female fans Is there a know-how for your fandom? That…! Well, I have the smallest number of fans here All the fans get autographs from these two and then come to me I don’t think I deserve all those loves and kisses so I don’t know how I got popular So…thank you Don’t you want to talk about this? Okay Here’s another question from Hyun-E… Is there a member that shocked others? We know how we talk and act because we’ve been in training sessions before… So there were no shock and awe – So…that’s all?

– Yeap, so so Who do you think is the most handsome person in Lunatic-Hai except yourself? – Injae (ESCA) – Injae (ESCA) * LoL * Jejong (Ryujehong) * LoL * He’s a bit ashamed right now How do you think of other members? Nothing really, just…let’s do this til the very end? I like doing things together unitl the very end… but Overwatch was a bit hard for me – Always angry… – Yeap, that’s why I look angry all the time Are there times when you guys get agitated during training sessions?

No, we just give and receive feedbacks from each other We don’t really get agitated and get angry It would certainly be difficult for the team to exist if one gets agitated from negative feedbacks How long have you guys known each other? 5, 6 years? Except MIRO… and 2 years if we only count the training camp sessions You guys played games together So I think it was a bit easier for you guys to coordinate gameplays compared to other teams, right?

I think so…we knew our styles Tell me your specialty in the team! – Eating! – Winston! – Buying delicious things to other members?

Did you see how he reacted to your words? * LoL * Which rank do you think represents great players? Grand Master! Once you get into the league, you can call yourself a great player because the players you meet from there are all the same – You are saying that the ranks don’t mean anything except the petty score differences, right?- – Yeap – Okay I have to talk about how you guys did in the last Overwatch Worldcup How was it when you guys won the event without losing a single game? It felt amazing…because it was our first winning tournament and we even got the cup without losing a game Everyone was amazed at our record-breaking accomplishment It was really good Remember nobody expecting us to be the champion?

So when we actually won the matches, it felt as if we did actually achieved something great There were negative expectations on Korean FPS styles and we did actually think like that at that time – Really? – Totally…when we streamed our videos, everyone was asking whether we can beat the Swedish team or not The Swedish team showed great moves back then… but we proved that we were wrong on that Ah…was it different? – I still don’t know whether we were great or not… – That could be the reason why you guys were a lot more fascinated at winning the tournament – Totally – You worked with players with other teams… How was it?

Nothing special, everything went well…! I did this, he did that, and vice versa…! Which once was better?

With Overwatch Worldcup members? or Lunatic-Hai members? – Lunatic-Hai for now… – For now…? The Worldcup team did great things…

I think everyone will admit this Next question… You lost to KongDoo Uncia recently during APEX…Why did you lose? Because we couldn’t show great moves that day I admit, we admit… Don’t be sad… I’m really sad right now… The bad memories of the past…are haunting us The fans are calling you guys Kongnatic-Hai because you’ve placed 2nd in many games so far I head that you were called “Kong” when you were playing Cyphers game Is that so?

* LoL * Winning is better but… Yeap, winner is a good thing, a great thing Just an inch from winning…yeap Do you sometimes feel an urge to throw a game? Sometimes, during competitive play…yeap When I see hacks and cheats…? I only feel like that when I see hacks and cheats If not, I have to win the game, no throwing…!

Is there a time when you want to play characters like Hanzo? I like Hanzo not because it is a bad character but because I like Hanzo Is there a hero which you don’t like? Hanzo for me * LoL * Do you think Hanzo is a good character? – I think Hanzo should not exist in the game – Is that so?

– Once shot, once kill…all of a sudden – All of a sudden? – Yeap What could be the cause of the negative term “Genji-Tracer-Widowmaker-Hanzo” in Korea? That might be because the players in the lower rank plays those four characters a lot * LoL * Do you often get damages from cheaters? It’s hard for us to play normal games There are lots and lots of cheaters in Overwatch Are there that many cheaters? I don’t feel tired even after 10 hours of gameplay I have no choice but to wait because of the cheaters All cheat and no play makes me a dull boy Blizzard should see this interview About 50% of the matches include cheaters As we encounter cheaters that many times, those cheaters even snipe us when we are streaming our videos They use our streaming videos as their promotional channel – They promote cheating? – Yes – To sell their soultions… – That’s mean Have you been thinking about a solution for cheaters?

Banning the cheaters in the Grand Master might reduce the number of cheaters eventually… They are using those stuffs to get attention from others So I think banning them would make them stop using those mean programs The ones I met did not use hacks… And we got into the higher rank together I can’t even tell whether the player is using one or not these days * LoL * Is there a character you want to see in person? (Perhaps in Cosplay) Winston! It would be really joyful to see a real gorilla in Winston’s costume Disaster can happen… Widowmaker…!

– Why are you laughing right now? – I couldn’t find one even during the Blizzcon period I would like to see Widowmaker too It would certainly entertain my two eyes Amazing? Or entertaining? – Entertaining – Okay There were lots of comments on Ryujehong Ryu! You are known as an angry player We want to know whether you are angry all the time or not I don’t get angry all the time…

But it seems that I look as if I am agitated on the screen Why? * LoL * Many people chooses Ryujehong as the player who uses Ana most effectively… How did you practice Ana? I don’t think I can give out tips regarding my practices…

I just used the character since the very first day when Ana came out – Just use the character often – Okay Practice makes perfect! How do you Quick Zoom using Ana? It’s a natural thing My hand does the job It’s natural?

From years of experience as a FPS player? My hand sometimes amazes me too Trust me! I’m not lying!

Practice makes perfect…okay! Tell us some tips about surviving skill, ultimate ability priorities, and locations Ana has to be delicately cared by the team to survive during the game Lúcio should be at the side, or should heal others at the same time For the priorities… Consider Soldier or Repear who deals damages first Reinhardt can be an option here Not a bad choice after all Don’t you make mistakes? Very often… Lúcio often jumps in front of me when I try to use the ultimate ability – Lúcio gets the shot if he jumps… – Right Lúcio is not a bad choice too He can do his duty after all Any tips on Ana’s Sleeping Dart? It’s hard to shoot the opponent with the dart… You were really good at it Nah, it was all just a coincidence – Nothing special… – You are being really honest today!

By the way, about the close-shots… I predict the location before shooting So think before shooting~ – Yeap, people should think! – I’ll think from now on… I’ll be giving questions to MIRO from now on Do you have a girl friend? – Nope – No?

– No – Because you are so into gaming? – Yeap – Are you planning to make one in the future? – Huh? * LoL * I want to work hard and play hard for now…so… – It seems that it’s hard to be a boy friend and a professional player at the same time – That’s right What is the appealing characteristics of Winston?

I can move here and there rapidly with Winston… I think that’s the most appealing point What should I do to play like you, MIRO? – Play hard – Play hard?

Oh! That’s all it takes to play like me and view lots and lots of streams and videos – So… – Yeap Playing helps, but viewing helps a lot too So I view almost every official games How should we use D.VA? I usually guard the opponent’s Roadhog Is that when you started seeing D.VA as a hero superior to all the other heroes? There’s no option but to use D.VA against Roadhog Winston is not favored my professionals as 3 Tanks became the mainstream Meta… How do you think about this change? Meta changes all the time and I still think Winston is a nice hero So all it takes is a small change in Meta and how people think about Winston Do you feel that there is a change in Meta? Tanks are leading the mainstream… Tanks all have those yellow HP bars with them They don’t die…literally!

I just can’t kill them… and that’s when I feel the change Have you ever played as a professional in other leagues? I played as a Cypheres professional gamer – Were you also popular back then? – Nah Don’t lie to us What’s up with MIRO and Bogyeom (AfreecaTV Streamer)? You also mentioned his name in Blizzcon I am his fan He should look at this interview… Does he know that you are his fan…? He’s my bro Bogyeom did make lots of meme phrases!

Do you use them often? – I often use his “Are you dissing me?” – “Are you dissing me?” – Dissing me all the time… – Yes – ALL THE TIME – All the time?

How do you react to that? I do the same Do the same…! So the following questions are for ESCA What’s your plan regarding your military service? I am worried because the members in Lunatic-Hai are all really old compared to other teams… Uh… I’m planning to postpone my military service What’s the best damage dealer these days?

Tracer? Tracer can influence the whole game setting if the players uses the character well – That’s because Tracer can disturb the enemy position… – Soldier and McCree are hard to play these days because of tanks like D.VA and Reinhardt – Hard to survive… – Tracer can survive, and disturb the position at the same time You picked Sombra as your most favorite character in another interview What’s your opinion on Sombra? Sombra is not favore my professionals for now, but I still think Sombra is worth playing Sombra can hack Reinhardt’s shield and can even hack the enemy kits Are you saying that people will use Sombra more often if we do research on the character? I think so Please give us your comments on APEX Season 2!

Casino Made Us Go Bankrupt – GTA 5 Funny Moments

online casino

Smokey back here taking a Did she just hit the “Whoa”? Do it again Destinee: Okay Oh don’t do it.. YEAH! Oh my god. Please don’t forget to like the video HOLD UP! Mommy mommy it’s Naka Squad! Hey Julie! Heard you got that wet, wet, wet. Hi Naka Ayeeee! What’s up, everybody? What’s up, ya boy’s balling!

Let’s Go Man! Let me show you around man, let me show you around. This is where the apple juice is. This is uh, my pink couches. Were me and my girlfriend make love. There’s a chair. Chantze: Bruh I swear…. Blazing: NOPE! DO NOT sit on that couch! Do not sit on that couch.. All right. Let me show you out what an exit and since this mother  is tripping. GET OFF MY PHONE!

What are you doing? This nigga is ordering room service! This boy is ordering some.. A box of pizza Blazing: Hold up, y’all come where I am.Blazing: Cause I see a bed, and I see some tissues.. I win a lot of money and read review at online casino Casinoslots Ireland. I’m going to do it.. I’m going to do it!Random Person: Do a flip! OH MY GOD! THERE’S A DEAD PERSON OVER HERE! AD: Are you for real?

YES! What the hell happend to her? AD: OH MY… Bro she’s slumped. Bro she dived too far and she hit the..Dang look at her neck! Her neck and her back! Wait, what’s wrong with her? Aye y’all come over here! Smokey back here taking a Aye, she taking a Aye man, let her take her in peace man come on.

Damn that nigga knocked you th Blazing: Blazing on the track, and you know that I’m too big and black. WHAT? And you know that I’m too big and black. Bro, what are you talking about man? I’m about to go.. Lee: Imma buy a casino real quick. AD: No, you buy a penthouse.

Naka: Idiot. Lee: Huh Blazing tell me what’s up with the new car, bro Blazing: Nothing Everybody! YOU GOT FIVE SECONDS! OH!! Oh my god I’m sorry! I thought it was on a time, I’M SORRY! Lee: Huh? She over there kicking with them white Timberlands on. That one weird kid at school Chantze: Bro I swear we have.. Naka: Wait hold on.. Did She just hit the whoa?

Do it again. Destinee: Okay Oh don’t do it.. Ye.. YEAH! Oh my god.Chantze: Amara that dress… Disgusting. Amara: STOP HATING! Amara: Exclusive drip Naka: Exclusive drip, by Amara! Come on Nerdy. Get in Nerdy! We out, we out, we out! Give me one second Nerdy HELP ME nigga!

You just sitting in the car! Ouch! My organs! MY ORGANS! NERDY!Oh Hey Didn’t see you there Well, since you made it to the end of the video Don’t forget to give it a like before you go And if you’re still bored, hell, just click that video right over there and keep on watching alright, I Gotta go have somebody lick caviar off my balls. But until then I’ll catch ya

Can You Game on a Mac?

Hey guys, this is Austin, and today we’re going to find out, can you actually game on a Mac? So to find out, I have two of the most recent Macbooks in front of me. So this is the base line 13″ model, so it has a dual core Core i5 processor, 8 gigabytes of memory, and integrated Iris graphics. Where I also have a 15″ maxed out model, with the Core i7 quad core, 16 gigabytes of memory and the dedicated Radeon Pro 460 graphics. Obviously, no one should go out and buy a Mac as a gaming PC, they just don’t make sense. However, what I’m curious about is if you already do have a Mac for whatever reason, can you play games on them at all?

Online casino on mac – everything is modern – and graphics and design. I am familiar with this casino for a long time, but now it has become much more interesting to play! Games here are just a great many – for any mood you can pick up something exciting! Evolution gaming software review here, fans of classic games will not be disappointed – choose from what! The developers took care of everyone!

What’s kind of cool is that over half of my Steam library will work on macOS, no problem. Now, a couple of things actually have changed on the gaming side of Mac in the last couple years. Most notably, Metal. This is very similar to a lower level API, such as DirectX12 on the PC, or something like Vulkan, and essentially, it should allow us to get better performance by abstracting all the stuff in the middle and letting the game get as close to the hardware as possible. To start with, I want to try F1 2016, which does take advantage of Metal on the Mac. Now I’m going to start using the 13″ Macbook Pro, as I feel like this is pretty similar to the Macs that most people are using.

So it looks like this works pretty well. I don’t have a way of testing the exact framerates but to my eye it looks nice and smooth. No torn frames or anything dropping too badly. So right now I’m using the Playstation 4 controller, which interestingly enough, actually just works straight out of the box. You literally just pair it via bluetooth and that’s it.

Oh, nope, you can’t go flat out everywhere, no, no, nope, no, no, no, no. (laughs) Okay, so maybe you actually can’t go flat out everywhere. I will say the graphics are not the greatest, so we’re running at 1280 by 800 but, I mean, I would say that this looks roughly equivalent to something like an Xbox 360 game so it’s hard to know exactly how much of a difference Metal makes since I actually can’t turn it off but considering that I’m running on an integrated graphics this doesn’t look bad at all. Next up, we have Minecraft and because of our wonderful dongle life, I have to use an adapter, but besides that, we should be good to go. So max framerate, 60, VSync, yep, Maximum, Fancy, this is pretty much all turned up.

Minecraft’s easy. (laughs) I mean, after running Minecraft on the Raspbery Pi, I’m really not surprised that anything can run Minecraft, but I think the nice thing is that we’re really not losing anything with the Macbook Pro. Yeah, maybe you can do stuff like shaders and whatnot on PC, but to be fair, a lot of mods, in fact, I think most of them actually should be just completely fine to run on Mac. (singing doo in rhythm) I was just having fun, and then Ken started zooming the camera and pointing at my face so I feel like that just made in in the video. Next, we have CS:GO.

Now this is another game I know will run on Mac but what I’m curious about is what happens if we actually try to crank up the resolution and settings. Alright, it works but it’s definitely dropping some frames. To be fair, we actually are playing at 2560 by 1600. It’s decent, but let’s see if we can crank the settings down a little bit.

Oh, that’s way better. So cranking the resolution down to 1280 by 800 pretty much immediately fixes all the problems. There is a little bit of screen tearing though, which is interesting. Almost immediately, I could tell this is usable. It’s definitely playable but it’s not as nice as it would be on a machine running Windows.

So next we have Rocket League, and again, this is another game that natively does support the DualShock 4. So it thinks that we can run at 900p with pretty much everything cranked up, so let’s give it a try. It looks like we actually have pretty much the full Rocket League experience here. Graphic wise, on high it looks pretty nice. We’ve got stuff like the rain, and the particle effect.

And, uh, no! How did that happen? I am noticing some framerate drops, it’s maybe not the smoothest thing in the world but we definitely do have a lot of room to crank the graphics down if we need to. Next, I want to see how a more powerful Mac handles games. So we have the 15″ Pro.

So the first trial that I want to try is StarCraft 2; not exactly a brand new game but it does have support for Metal. So right now we’re running at 1650 by 1050 with everything set to high and again, it seems to be running nice and smooth, which is important for a game like StarCraft. So the first thing that’s actually throwing me off a lot is actually the keyboard.

The Command, Option, Control and Function keys are not remotely in the same spot as they are in Windows so all my muscle memory is just completely shot right now. For example, my escape key is a software key, which seems like it would be a big problem. Especially for a game where I’m actually kind of canceling commands sometimes but it actually kind of works.

Can the Macbook successfully help me win a game against an easy AI, or I guess, a hard AI? Yes. The answer is I can actually kind of play this. Next, we have Shadow of Mordor. Even though this is a couple years old, this has been one of my favorite games to benchmark PCs for quite a while and for what I remember, the port to Mac and Linux is actually pretty decent.

I really actually do like Shadow of Mordor. It kind of feels a little bit like playing some of the Batman games that it’s kind of a bit like a hack and slash. Like God of War or something but one thing you actually should be careful of, especially with these kind of more high end games, is to make sure that you have a Mac that’s going to be compatible. Lighter stuff, like CS:GO, should run on basically anything, but a lot of these games specifically do need a dedicated graphics card, or a quad core processor, or something, so don’t just expect that you could just pick up any game and it’s going to work. Yo, am I going to beat, like, 40 guys right now by myself on a Macbook? Pretty proud of that.

Of course, you could run Windows on a Mac via Bootcamp which will open up pretty much all the games in the universe, but that doesn’t get around the fact that you should not buy a Mac for gaming. However, if you already have one and you just want to play a few games, it’s totally usable. So, what do you guys think about gaming on a Mac in 2017? Let me know in the comments below and I will catch you in the next one.

Low budget VR Gaming

The development of VR is something that I have been paying a lot of attention in the last couple of years. One of the things that I find interesting is the potential it has for redefining what “low end” means due to how extremely computationally intensive it is. Take this GPU for example, this a GTX 750, a mid-end graphics card from 2014. I bought this one for about 70 euros and after asking you guys it seems it can be found 60 to 90 euros or dollars in most places, or around of 100 if you are unlucky. Compared to the GPUs I have featured on this channel in the past this card is an overpowered beast that crushes games on the lowest settings in citadel casinos.

However, throw this thing on VR benchmark and you realize that supposedly this is pretty insufficient for virtual reality. So the question becomes: can you play in VR with a “budget” GPU like this one? Lowest settings? Maybe, Tweaked games? Answering this question is hard because of another problem, the cost of a VR headset. At the time of writing this script the full HTC Vive kit is about $800 and from what I could gather you can not buy just the headset alone, at least new.

You can buy an oculus headset but… it is about $500 dollars which is like twice my entire PC budget which prompted me to search for some creative solutions and I was surprised of what I found. I will be using a service called Vridge by RiftCat, which basically allows you to connect your cellphone to your PC in a way that tricks the computer into believing you have an HTC vive headset, so you can then play any seated VR experiences by putting your phone into some headset, like this literal piece of cardboard I got in amazon. So now, not only my computers are shitty, now my VR headset is also crap. Awesome!

And after contacting RiftCat they have agreed to sponsor this video, so double awesome. They have a free trial version of their software so you can try it, link in the description. Setting it up was fairly easy. You can run a program in your PC and a companion app on your phone and you can stream the view of the game over wifi, if you are brave, or better yet, a USB cable.

After setting it up you can launch steamvr from the program and then start a game. There are plenty of guides on their website if you want to give it a try. So now we test My first experiment was Subnautica, I already dedicated a video to this early access submarine survival game.

As I commented on that video there is a secret menu accessible with f3 and in there, you can use the numbers in the keyboard to disable a lot of the effects. Furthermore if you disable mouse pointing using your view in vr and press escape you can reduce the draw distance of most objects, as I explained on that video. Welcome to the very dangerous sea. Man, it’s a little bit too close.

I can pick up things by just staring at them, that’s interesting. I can’t remember what’s the- does that thing hurts me? Can I grab them? Huh, what are-? Wait, those are bad right? Yep, yep, that doesn’t look good.

The great low-resolution expands! With low draw distance and things popping out in front of me and this time… in full virtual reality. Now you can live the low draw distance, not just see it, you live it! Like, you’re there!

Another game I wanted to try is Project Cars, a game I have not shown in the channel before but that also includes a VR option and seems to be fairly well optimized on the lowest settings. You can also add some launch options to the game to try and squeeze even a bit more out of it, like dx11mt for multi-threaded mode, skip crowds to disable models of bystanders and pthreads to match the number of cores in your CPU. Oh wow! Well, this is something else. Wo-wow shit!

This sure ain’t Mario Kart. I don’t know if I’m in awe or scared! Another game I was curious about is Minecraft. Java-based Minecraft does not support VR out of the box, but thanks to a mod called Vivecraft you can add some rather robust VR options to the game. And the mod installs optifine which adds all sorts of graphical options which I am going to take advance of to disable all weather, animations and sky effects for the best VR performance. The link the vivecraft mod is in the description if you are interested.

If I do this, and I stare, my fps is right here, it’s 57 fps… that is neat, this is the best one that I have tried so far, wow, I was joking draw distance before but check this out. This is literally the world that’s in front of me, huh? Is the world not gonna load? I’m staring down into the abyss of the unloaded world, this is really scary.

Oh, there he goes. Ok, the other examples were cool but this was by far the coolest. I seriously never want to try minecraft any other way again, this is really something else. So, in conclusion. How did it go?

Is this an Vive and Oculus killer? No, I mean come on. VR are nothing short of of technological marvels and thinking that a phone will be just as good might be a bit naive, but it you want to get your feet wet in VR, and get your first experience without breaking bank, this might actually be a really interesting first option.

Performance wise, the results were interesting. There is an option on Vridge to limit a stream to 30 fps but definitively the closer you can get to 60 fps the easier it becomes to handle the movement. Minecraft which is by far the most twekeable of the games I tried and therefore the closest I got to 60 fps was quite the experience. My current VR library is… rather insufficient but I wonder if I keep digging, would I get a couple of other VR games to be low enough to work really well on this setup? Well, you tell me.

Let me know if more budget VR experiments are something you would like to see in the future in comment or in the discussion thread of the LowSpecGamer subreddit. Thank you to the Patreons and this video sponsor for making my crazy experimentation possible. See you in the next video.

Top 10 Best PS4 Games of 2018

What’S up guys Earnest here from 760 games, released on the ps4 this year, 155 of them received their play scores and from that we’re gon na give you the top 10 best PlayStation games of 2018 arranged by play score. The play score is an average of gamer and critic ratings and opening our list is Celeste. Winning the 2018 game Awards for Best independent game and games for impact Celeste deserves a spot in the playstation force competitive rankings. Amid today’s obsession for vast explorable, open worlds, Matt, Thorson and Noel berries, indie game is a 2d platformer that manages to overcome the limitations of form from the creators of sky torn and towerfall ascension. Their expertise are on full exhibit with their level designs. That makes up basic jump and climb in ways that open players up to broad platforming possibility, still built upon the same masochistic formula of tried, die and repeat.

It’S warm hug of a storyline isn’t enough to balance it all out following the character Madeline and her journey up. The eponymous mountain Celeste narrative expresses veritably human struggles in a dreamlike atmosphere is one that resonates with today’s crop teaching lessons on mental health and the upward struggle of overcoming it. Frustration with the charming purpose.

It has a playscore of 8.9 3, it’s all of mice and men at number 9, with Maus released in February 2018. This adventure game from poly art will let you experience a storybook fantasy first and not exactly a graphical marvel. It’S one of the few VR titles that maximize the platform’s potential, while offering a complete narrative experience using the powers of VR Moss, tells a short and sweet tale seen through the eyes of the little man or rodent play as guide to the game.

Small, yet noble mouse quill as she goes on a quest for greatness in a world decidedly larger than her own targeted towards children. Its gameplay combination of puzzles and platforming isn’t exactly much of a challenge it clocks in at around three or so hours of gameplay, but every second is rifle. It is endearing visuals, intuitive controls and inventive mechanics, making subtle use of the VRS functions.

It voted well for the future of the psvr and the platform itself. It has a playscore of 8.9 3, giving us a commie homily wave at number. 8 is Dragonball Fighters, one of the most hyped up fighting games last year. This Dragon Ball inspired. Fighting game came to us in the early days of 2018 and it looks like the excitement hasn’t died down just yet, along with Arc System Works, a company known for the cult, fighting sensation guilty gear, Vaughn die, Namco gives free reign to sprinkle, their signature, cinematics and Animations to their world of high-flying combat, it’s definitely not the first dragon ball game and compared to others that have come before it.

Fighter’S roster of 24 characters isn’t exactly impressive. On the other hand, Arc System Works brings the four to the spirit of the series in its explosive visuals and callbacks to the anime. Not one to skimp on gameplay in this title also strikes that balance between accessibility and strategic depth that unites fighting, rookies and veterans alike, maintaining quality with recent balance patches and adding eight more characters in DLCs. The game is only getting better and better and it receives a playscore of 8.9 4 coming straight out of the playroom and into the number 7 spot is Astro bot rescue mission coming to the shelves at the tail end of 2018, Japan Studios adorable Eve light blue Robot has become this year’s psvr poster boy, seemingly coming out from the know where the VR platformer manages to steal the show entirely, even so far as winning this year’s best VR game. It’S not that it’s groundbreaking or entirely new, no Astro bot defies expectations because it attempts to perfect the platforming experience on the VR in the most genuine way possible. It’S only goal is to delight, and it does so with its vibrant environments and each with peripheral, surprise, reminding us of the pure joy virtual reality and of being completely enveloped in a digital world.

Astro bot is tactile, intuitive and inventive, making good use of proximity and the DualShock, for it almost makes platforming and the platform itself entirely new, though a short experience as most VR games go, it’s undoubtedly an essential one and it has a playscore of 9.0 4 slamming Her weapons down at number 6 is monster hunter world, a franchise that bill it’s named on action, role-playing game play that revolves around taming and battling humongous creatures. This first entry into a new generation takes all that and expands it to fit the larger scale of today’s powerful consoles with a sprawling size and scope. Equaling. The behemoths that it’s known for Monster Hunter world’s graphical upgrade not only makes for immersive exploration. It also does justice to the ferocity of their diverse bestiary other than the obvious makeover. Mh world isn’t much of a deviation from Capcom’s long-established formula and that’s not a bad thing.

Instead, it homes in on the addictive thrills of their signature, combat and refines the little details of the overall hunting. Experience, though, aimed towards casting a broad net of players, it synthesizes well with the game’s, revamp multiplayer an audacious entry into the new generation. It has a playscore of 9.1 3. What’S your favorite PlayStation 4 game this year, tell us all about them in the comment section also. You can get these awesome titles by using the links provided in our description box and if you want more of what to play check out our gameplay channel what to play live where we play the latest and greatest games out there. You can use the link right here in the top right corner rolling.

The dice of number five is divinity original sin 2 definitive edition, as if the second installment to their breakthrough hit wasn’t good enough. Larian Studios guilds, refined gold, with this definitive edition of their exceptional RPG, released on the ps4. Just last August, divinity sequel has been described as one of the richest role-playing games on the market in earned universal acclaim for bringing the creativity of pen and paper adventuring into the digital form, with its breadth of customizations, interactive environments and fully fleshed out storylines original sin. Two’S wealth of options makes for a complete role-playing experience, no matter how many times you play and with a definitive edition, adding a fresh perspective on both multiplayer and singleplayer. It only served to bolster the sequels success while the console controls weren’t perfect. It’S minor quibbles just weren’t enough to dampen the sparkle of larry ins, polish gem.

It has a playscore of 9.1 6. Let’S get big and emotional at number 4, with Shadow of the Colossus, a true PlayStation Classic team, ICO’s master crafted action-adventure game gets a PlayStation 4 makeover. Si a Japan, Studios and Blue Point games.

Take the helm to recreate the beautiful and emotional video game for everyone to play. For starters, the visual enhancements textures and the smooth 60 frames per and make it an exhilarating journey right along its desolate world, with your trusty steed and Slade down towering colossi, an epic third-person action all for the power of love. Its downside, however, is that it’s a remaster, it’s basically the same game, but with a completely fresh visual polish.

The bosses don’t offer much challenge, since all you do is climb and not fall down. The lack of new content makes it less of a remaster, but it’s still a fantastic adventure nonetheless, due to its wonderful story of romance and hope it receives. A playscore of 9.1 7 swinging in at number 3 is marvel. Spiderman insomniacs record-breaking new IP no longer takes you to the shoes of ratchet & clank.

This time, Marvel’s web slinging superhero takes center stage inspired by Rocksteady super hero formula. Marvel spider-man takes you to a bustling open-world city of New York, dominated by high crime rates, supervillains and collectibles. Since your spider-man web slinging is so much fun this time around it’s easily the best thing about this game. Players swing around buildings, crawl on skyscrapers, burry thieves with your webs and fight thugs, as you upgrade your suit for that massive gameplay advantage, it’s huge and detailed open-world makes every web slinging worthwhile, especially taking down the big baddies from Peter Parker’s rogues gallery. Although it’s a huge game, it’s simple execution of open-world tropes make it similar to most other open-world games.

It brings nothing yet to the superhero genre table, but you know what they say. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It has a playscore of 9.1 8th bringing down the big axe at number. 2. Is god of war winning this year’s game of the year at the game. Awards follow Kratos and boy as they embark on a life-changing journey about fatherhood, responsibilities and world ending prophecies considered.

As a soft reboot of the franchise, Kratos no longer serves the Greek gods. This time the Norse realm awaits his presence traveled to the frosty realm of Midgard or through the peaceful, yet corrupted Alfheim alongside your son, and take down mythical creatures with your magical axe for the first time of the series it incorporates a more mature take on everyone’s God, slaying protagonist and his new camera angle seamlessly puts players in a completely epic hack and slash experience if short game. Time, however, leaves players wanting for more one thing’s for sure about this game. Thor and Odin aren’t happy with this father and son duo. It receives a playscore of 9.4 9 and here are the runners-up before we reveal the number one Tetris effect enhance game’s twist on the classic brick game, a vision, trip with ethereal and futuristic visuals. It’S a casual, friendly, Tetris experience that anyone can enjoy.

It has a playscore of 8.8 6 dragon quest 11 echoes of an elusive age, a refreshing new look on Yuji Horii Dragon Quest universe. This 11th installment brings high definition to the RPG gameplay, an old-school adventure wrapped in the liberating details of the new age. It has a playscore of 8.8 6 hollow Knight, void, heart Edition, packed with all the DLCs as the complete hollow Knight experience follow the little bug boy on his quest to save hollow nest from doom. It has a playscore of 8.7 9.3 mastered a completely remastered Dark Souls. Experience praise the Sun once more with a new visual overhaul, gameplay balance and another round of hardcore action-adventure. It has a playscore of 8.7 for yakuza kiwami, a ground-up remake of the 2006 yakuza developed using the latest dragon game engine, adding new features, bonus, content and a whole new story to the sprawling open world of Japanese escapades.

It has a playscore of 8.7 for DJ max respect. A reboot of neo is iconic rhythm game. It marks the latest in there groovy series offering various tracks from their collection. Try your hand at over 6 different modes and take in the freshness of their HD. Look.

It has a playscore of 8.7 one Dragon’s crown Pro a story of swords and sorcery from vanilla, where it’s remastered, visuals and added content. Take the award winning strategy experienced to greater heights, praised for its RPG mechanics and challenging dungeon crawling. It has a playscore of 8.6 9 yeah cos a six-song of life vii main entry of the Yakuza series returned to the life of Kazuma Kiryu, as he saves his family’s life from a mysterious threat.

It has a playscore of 8.6 seven dead cells, live and die and live again in this hardcore roguelike platformer, 4motion twin brave, through infested dungeons and try not to die, so you can make it to the end. It has a playscore of 8.6 6 Valkyria, chronicles 4 war meets anime, and this tactical role-playing game from sega save your kingdom from a grueling civil war. One move at a time it has a playscore of 8.6 5 and the best ps4 game of 2018 is Red Dead Redemption rockstars Western open-world action game may not have taken home the game of the Year award, but it’s certainly one of the most ambitious video game. Achievements: this year, a prequel to the original Red Dead Redemption players assume the role of outlaw Arthur Morgan as he tries his best to save the western frontier against the growing government forces.

As a member of the van der Linde gang assert your dominance by either performing shootouts heist, horseback, riding or just interacting with various NPC’s in a huge open world, a true upgrade compared to its predecessors, experienced rockstars, most detailed game. Yet right around the western sunset. With your trusty steed start bar fights or just talk to the folk around town with branching dialogue options. However, it’s only gripe is its pacing issues. Rockstar isn’t really known to enter games in a good note, but nonetheless, this minor setback is nothing compared to the game’s. Sheer amount of aw there’s so much to do in this game and it gives us so much hope to rockstars upcoming Grand Theft, Auto 6.

It receives a playscore of 9.5 and those were the top 10 ps4 games of 2018. And if you loved this video, don’t forget to like share and subscribe to become a certified what player and that’s about it, see you next time,

The Game Awards 2018 Highlights

The 2018 Game Awards just wrapped up, and aside from giving us a bunch of awesome sneak peeks, some of the best titles of this year we awarded for their brilliance. Here’s the main ones that you need to know about: The Game of the Year award went to God of War! A well deserved win. Best Game Direction – God of War’s Cory Barlog from Santa Monica. God of War also won best action adventure.

Best Narrative Game was won by Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2, beating out God of War, Detroit Become Human, Life is Strange 2 episode 1, and Marvel’s Spider-Man. Best Performance – Roger Clark for Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2 Best Score Music – Red Dead Redemption 2 Best Independent Game – Celeste, the only other indie game to be nominated in the Game of the Year award. It also won the Games for Impact award. Best Role Playing Game – Monster Hunter World Who promised great news for their fans in a few days, so be sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled!

Best Sports Racing Game – Forza Horizon 4. The winner was announced after a bit of a cringe moment where the Mortal Kombat 11 trailer was screened instead of the nominees, but Ed Boone, the presenter, took it in stride. Best Ongoing Game – Fortnite. Fortnite also won best multiplayer, and debuted a new mechanic that went live in the game as of the award show; the block, which features awesome creations crafted by players in the Fortnite Creative mode. Who else won? Best Audio Design – Red Dead Redemption 2 Best Art Direction – Return of the Obra Den Best Mobile Game – Florence Best VR AR Game – Astro Bot Rescue Mission Best Action Game – Dead Cells Best Debut Indie Game – The Messenger Best Fighting Game – Dragon Ball Fighterz Best Family Game – Overcooked 2 Best Strategy Game – Into the Breach Best Content Creator – Ninja – but perhaps the best moment of this award was Christopher Judge saying “read it boy” as the award was being presented.

Best Student Game – Combat 2018 from Norway, which was judged by a panel that included Todd Howard of Bethesda and Hideo Kojima. ESPORTS were also celebrated at the Game Awards this year. Here’s who won.

Best Esports Player – Sonic Fox, Dominique MacLean, who wore his fox costume up on stage to accept his award. He also gave a shout out to the LGBTQ and Furry communities. Yay representation in gaming!

Best Esports Team – Cloud9, 2nd year in a row Best Esports Game – Overwatch, which got a ton of cheers from the crowd Best Esports Event – League of Legends World Championship Best Esports Host – Sjokz Best Esports Coach – Reapered, as voted by the fans Best Esports Moment – C9 Comback win in triple OT vs Faze There we have it friends! Which awards were you the most excited for? Were your predictions on point? Let us know in those comments below! Also for more on what went down at the Game Awards this year, be sure to check out our highlights video.

Super Secret Deaths in Video Games!

In the very last mission known as Stone Rain in 3-D Realms Shadow Warrior from 1997. (machine gun) You will eventually clamber up a deadly volcano to activate numerous switches. One in particular that will open up a tunnel allowing yourself to jump down into the unknown depths of the mountain. (electronic pop music) When not long after you can discover a secret panel that leads on into a special cave.

Which is home to two killer white rabbits and references the Monty Python and the Holy Grail movie. (machine gun) But as you venture in deeper you will also discover the bodies of the four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  – Cowabunga. Tomb Raider The Last Revelation and fourth installment to the series follows a 16-year-old Laura who is joined by Werner Von Croy as they explore ancient ruins located in the northwest of Cambodia in search of the artifact named The Iris. Not long after the initial tutorial and during the very early stages, you can hop across a courtyard and take a series of steps down into a small chamber where you can feast your eyes on another well-known treasure hunter. (upbeat pop music) As yes, you can find the great Indiana Jones whom has been impaled on a bed of spikes but still clutching onto his most famous of possessions.

As you progress through mission 12, Wild Territory in S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow of Chernobyl, carefully navigate through the train platforms and make a heading towards the helicopter crash site. When nearby you can find a tunnel, a dead body as you enter, an electrical current spilling across the floor combined with deadly traps. But by taking the high ground and utilizing the wreckages and containers, you will eventually find the body of Gordon Freeman, the main protagonist from Half-Life. Plus a rather powerful handgun known as the Black Kite. (alarm clock tone) (ominous alarm clock tone) (video game coins clinking) For those of you that have played Kojima’s digital comic adventure Snatcher on a variety of console ports, will know that Gibson’s death is a rather gruesome one, upon discovering him with free pokies.

Roll forward to 2008 when Fallout 3 arrived and by traveling across the metro lines from Mall Southwest to this station located at grid reference 16, 15 you will be able to find the Capitol Post building on a street corner. Where lying on the sub-level, a chap also named Gibson is slumped up against the wall and has also suffered the exact same fate with his head decapitated and resting between his legs. He was also carrying a note reading, “Search the house”, the same message from the original game. Which will lead you to a dwelling in Minefield. (elated trumpets) (video game coins clinking) In the Sega Genesis port of the hack and slash adventure the Sword of Sodan.

As you gather up four different potions and eyelet them all at once to create one wacky combination and one helluva cocktail. And then send it down the hatch, to which your characters chest will rip open. (deadly groans) And blood will seep out onto the floor while the message ‘Winners Don’t Do Drugs’ appears on the screen. Which is also a direct reference to the FBI’s screenshots that was placed on imported arcade machines to North America from 1989 to 2000.

Upon the stage known as the Forsaken Compound in Serious Sam II which was released in 2005, it is after passing the third main gates that you shouldn’t be so eager to complete the level. Cause by veering off to the left, there is a small chain of islands that leads to a secret sword, hat, and a coat. Plus a dead tree, where hanging from it, you can find the corpse of Duke Nukem with a rocket shoved through his pelvis. – [Character] Secret Duke’s skeleton has been found. – [Man In Video Game] Dude, you’ve been hanging here, like, forever. – [James] A reference to the title Duke Nukem Forever which yeah, wasn’t released for another six years after this game but believe it or not, Duke Nukem Forever was first announced back in 1997.

In 2014 Laura Croft set out on an adventure to recover the fragments of Osiris to stop Set from enslaving all humanity. – [Laura] She’s seen us, run. (rocks crashing) – [James] Roughly 10 minutes in you again liken The Last Revelation can discover another adventure. – [Laura] It seems we’re not the first adventurers to come this way. – [James] But instead of Indiana Jones, you can find the skeleton of Nathan Drake who has succumb to an awful death with a sword that has been plunged through his chest.

If you happen to walk the riverbanks of the River Charles just to the south of the Cambridge Polymer Labs in Fallout 4, then you will stumble upon a motionless boat close to the embankment. And by hopping upon it will definitely make for some great viewing as there lays a mutant shark and the body of a man sporting a machete and a bandana. Who is none other than Ben Gardner, portraying that terrifying scene from Jaws, directed by Steven Spielberg.

Yeah, for our final death scene we are checking out Beavis and Butt-Head in virtual stupidity. And it is every bit as funny, crude, and rude as the regular t-v show. As the pair skip school to join a gang and cause havoc in just about every corner of the town. (heavy metal guitar) (balls popping) – [Character] Hey. – [James] But when you visit the coffeehouse for a benefit regarding saving the sperm whales head straight into the toilets and use the foot icon on the three screws holding up the broken mirror. Then, use it upon the skull and prepare yourself for a very secret death.

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How Casinos Trick You Into Gambling More

I’m going all-in on this gamble of a DNews episode, how is it that casinos keep people gambling, even if they don’t really want to? Hey penny-slotters Trace here for DNews today diving into the flashy world of gambling. Literally, it’s flashy, there are lights and sounds and smells, adventures to be had money to be won!

But when you’re in a casino, hundreds of papers and experiments are brought to bear to keep you in their gilded halls. So how do casinos keep us gambling? increased arousal A 2010 study in the Journal of Mental Health Addiction found both lights and music created “increased arousal” effects.

And a new study in the Journal of Neuroscience looked at the brains of rats finding increased arousal increases dopamine reception — one of our brain’s powerful reward chemicals. Feeling good means we spend more, so casinos cash in on dopamine at every turn. Numerous studies say more arousal means more gambling, and faster music paired with flashing lights makes people bet more quickly and spend more money! But that’s not all… colored lights Marketers know the color red makes people more aroused too. And studies show red light makes people more gambley than blue light!

Thus, casinos put red everywhere! The Journal of Gambling Studies revealed a bunch of other insights into gambling behavior as well. Things like “the illusion of control,” the idea that if you’re pushing a button or pulling a lever, you have control over the situation… and if the risk seems low and you get an immediate response to your bet, you’ll bet more, and then more. free drinks/design Some casinos even offer free drinks, great, right?

For the casino. Alcohol lowers your inhibitions and increases expectations, further increasing play. architecture Even the architecture has evolved. I find this particularly fascinating.

Originally casinos focused on “gaming design:” all the slot machines and tables were lined up, all together in a maze-like configuration. It was thought that this design would make us step up and gamble at every turn. But based on scientific studies, casino design has been radically redefined. New casinos are based on the idea of “adult playgrounds” with high-ceilings and expansive, opulent, easy-to-navigate spaces; the Bellagio is the quintessential example.

Old-style casinos famously avoid windows and clocks to help gamblers lose their sense of place and time, but “playground” casinos make people feel happy and comfortable, with sunshine, high-ceilings and art; keeping us gambling, having fun, and spending that money. A study published in the journal Environment & Behavior proved that this is working. People like the playground design, especially women. In the compact “gaming design” women felt crowded by others around them, if they were too close to other people they’d gamble less. The adult playground design mitigates these problems, and women now gamble even more.

Slots, for example, are historically very popular with women, and revenue increased over 30 percent since 1970. It turns out, adding windows, bright colors, and a resort feel, has a huge payoff for the House. The research showed, gamblers in a resort playground casino feel more comfortable and are reminded to have fun constantly.

So they do. oxygen The thing casino’s don’t do, though, is pump in oxygen to give gamblers a modest high. It’s a myth, dating back decades. What they actually do is pump in scents which keep people aroused (back to that arousal effect, thing) and according to the scent designer for one company who does it, AromaSys: refreshing and soothing scents keep people gambling longer. conclusion In the end, casinos cash in on exploiting our psychology to the tune of 240 billion dollars a year. They do it with the games, the decor, the drinks, the smells, assaulting our senses to get us to make it rain in the desert in Vegas and elsewhere.

But what about gambling addiction? Isn’t that worth considering? Gambling addiction does have a genetic component, meaning if your mother or father has gambling addiction, you could too!

Laci explains how that works here. I don’t really like gambling, I’m just not taken in by it all… I like wandering the hotels, but I don’t feel the need to pump quarters into a slot machine. But how you y’all feel? Do you gamble? Have you stopped to think about why?

What Beats What in Poker Hands | Gambling Tips

Hey guys, I just wanted to go over poker rankings with you. These rankings apply for just about any poker game you are going to play: hold em, or five card draw, seven card stud, or any of that. Basically, I got a deck here all rigged out to get the cards I want to come out. I want to let you know your rankings. First up, we start from the bottom.

We have a no pair. Alright and basically you would be playing for high card. With the case of no pair, whoever has the highest card would break whatever ties. Generally, you can count on this hand winning like, never. Every now and then you might get lucky with an ace high or a king high. Next hand, is one pair.

You get two of the same value. Then everything else is the same. Anything else is everything else. With the pair whoever has the next highest card would break the tie there. It doesn’t happen very often.

But, every now and then it does. Next up, is two pair. You have the pair of queens and ace.

The highest pair takes preference. So, if you had a pair of queens and eights, somebody else had a pair of jacks and tens, then because you have the queens, you win. This would be the hand higher than the one pair.

Next up, three of a kind. In this case we have a three of a kind jacks and a five and a two. A lot of times new players make the mistake of thinking that you have got two pair then it’s a bigger deal than having three of a kind, but three of a kind always beats two pair. It does not matter the game.

Next, is a straight. A straight is five cards in sequential order regardless of the suit. In this case here you have the straight that goes up to the eight. The case of the players that with a couple of straights whichever has the highest one, ace’s being high, would win that pot there. This is a straight and it is better than the three of a kind.

Better than the straight, we have a flush. A flush would be five cards of the same suit. It doesn’t matter what their values are. In the case here, we have an ace high flush. The high card takes value here, so if somebody else has an ace king high flush, since he has the ace, he would win. Then that beats a straight.

And what beats a flush? Is a full house. A full house would be three of one value and then two of the other. On this case, this would be called kings full of tens. This is a very, very powerful hand and usually if you have hands like this or stronger, you will more than likely win whatever pot of poker you are playing. In the case of multiple full houses, the precedence comes to whichever the one you have three of.

If you have three tens and then kings, then the tens would be dominant. If someone else had three jacks, say then you would lose that. Here kings full tens beats a flush.

Better than a full house is four of a kind, also known as quads. Basically, four of the same thing. You get all four in all suits of the same value and most poker games nobody will ever be able to tie you so you will never have to worry about that but then obviously four tens would beat four nines or something like that.

A very, very powerful hand. When you get to this scenario, unless you are extremely unlucky you will almost always win with four of a kind. Next highest from there is a straight flush. This is five cards that are in sequence and of the same suit. So in this case we have a seven high straight flush. These hands are very, very rare to come by, but when they come, it is going to be money for you.

And then that would beat the four of a kind and everything else below that. And the highest type of straight flush, you probably already know is the royal flush. All five cards from the ten to the ace in sequence, of the same suit.

No other hand can beat this one. Those are our poker hand rankings.

The Rules of Blackjack

Hi there! You’re watching Rules of Blackjack, by Crazy Vegas Casino. In this video, we’re going to look at the rules of Blackjack. The object of the game is for the player is to draw cards totaling closer to 21 than the dealer’s cards, all without going over 21. Blackjack is played with one or more standard 52-card decks. These days, most games use four, six, or eight decks.

These decks are then shuffled and placed in a card holder called a shoe, from which the dealer can slide out one card at a time. Each card denomination is assigned a point value. Cards 2 through 10 are worth their face value, face cards (kings, queens, and jacks) are each worth 10, and aces may be used as either 1 or 11. The best total of all is a two-card 21, or a ‘Blackjack’!

Blackjack pays 3-2: that means that a two-card 21 on a $5 bet will win $7.50. However, if the dealer also has a two-card 21, the hand pushes, or ties, and you get your original bet back. On the other hand, if the dealer goes on to draw 21 in three or more cards, your Blackjack is still a winner with its 3-2 payoff! How do you play the game?

Play begins when you place a bet in the betting square on the table directly in front of you. After all bets have been placed, each player and the dealer are given two cards. A player’s cards are both dealt face up. In the dealer’s case, only one of their cards is dealt face up, and the other face down. When the dealer’s up card is an ace, players generally have the option to take Insurance, which is a side bet restricted to half of the original bet. Insurance pays at 2:1 if the dealer does hit Blackjack.

If the dealer has a ten or an ace showing, then he will peek at his face down card to see if he has a Blackjack. If he does, then he will turn it over immediately. If the dealer does have a Blackjack, then all hands will lose, unless a player also has a Blackjack, which will result in a push.

Then, each player in turn decides how to play out their hands, usually one of five options – hit, stand, split, double or surrender. Hit: Take another card from the dealer. Stand: Take no more cards, also known as “stand pat”, “stick”, or “stay”.

Double down: Players are allowed to double their initial bet, but then receive only one more card. Hitting a double down is not permitted. The double down bet is placed in the betting box next to the original bet. Split (only available as the first decision of a hand): If the first two cards have the same value, the player can split them into two hands, by moving a second bet equal to the first into an area outside the betting box. The dealer separates the two cards and draws a card to each.

The player then plays out the two hands. Doubling and further splitting may be restricted depending on the game, and Blackjacks after a split are seen as non-blackjack 21. Hitting split aces is usually not allowed. Surrender (only available as first decision of a hand): Some games offer the option to “surrender”, directly after the dealer has checked for Blackjack. When the player surrenders, the house takes half the player’s bet and returns the other half to the player, which ends the players hand. Once all players have finished, the dealer plays according to set rules: in Blackjack, the play is more restrictive for the dealer.

The dealer must draw more cards to any total of 16 or less and must stand on any total of 17 or more. In some casinos, the dealer will also draw to “soft” 17: this means that the total includes an ace or aces that add up to 17. And those are the rules of Blackjack. Pretty straight-forward, right?

Keep in mind that some of these rules will have variations depending on the game that you are playing – and don’t forget to practice playing the rules through for yourself, to get a good feel for the game. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time, when we’ll be looking at Blackjack Strategy.

Card Counting Legend Tommy Hyland – Exclusive Interview

– [Colin] This is always a special treat, if you guys don’t know who Tommy Hyland is. He would never call himself this, but he’s a legend. He’s a huge hero to us, inspiration.

He’s become a friend. So, give Tommy a round of applause (audience applauses) – Basically I didn’t have any particular affinity for math, no background in math, I just went to a small college in Ohio, Wittenberg, and I was taking Political Science and a lot of the guys I hung around with liked to gamble. We were playing some poker, and some backgammon. This was a small blue-collar town in Ohio. And there wasn’t much to do, so one time we happened to go in a bookstore and there was a Blackjack book which I later found out was really an incredible book for it’s time. Playing Blackjack as a Business by Lawrence Revere and we bought the book and for a simpleton like me this was the perfect book.

It had these nice beautiful color charts, it illustrated how to play basic strategy, and explained card counting pretty well. And so my roommate and I started practicing. And the one thing the book didn’t tell us, is they didn’t tell us how to actually do the running count at the table. They told you that the two through six was plus one, and seven, eight, and nine was nothing, and ten through ace was minus one.

So we understood that, but we didn’t actually physically know how to do the count. And we saw how fast, to us, these dealers dealt. And we figured, well you must have to be some kind of memory expert to keep this count. So what we used to do is we’d sit next to each other on the five dollar table. And I would count the high cards and he would count the low cards or vice versa. And then whisper after every round to each other what we had and then we would subtract.

And we knew how to do the true count and all but nobody, and this went on for like, believe it or not, this went on for like two months. We must’ve played 20 or 30 times like this. And we were winning, you know. The rules were very favorable back then in Atlantic City.

And we only had 1000 dollars each, and eventually we ran into some other card counter He told us, well look all you do is wait ’til the person on first base gets a second card then you cancel out. You know, all this time playing we were concentrating on not making any playing errors and all that so we never, so anyway it took us about six months to build up the 1000 up to 4000 each. And then we met these other two guys that were card counters, young guys, that were just starting out.

We used to find a casino that you know we didn’t want to play regular Blackjack at and we used to use it for a training casino. And I’d just stand behind him and you know they have to do three or four shoes you know bet reasonably correctly and not make any playing errors. And every time they’d make an error, I’d hit em, why did you do that, and stuff like that. Yeah I wasn’t always the guy in charge. I was usually like a co-manager, or I bet I’ve been on bankrolls with probably well over a hundred different people. Over the years, probably closer to two hundred.

When I was kinda young and a little reckless, people would be coming out the, they heard about the success we were having around this golf course and the word spread like wildfire and basically people would come up to me and say, hey I got a cousin, he’s really good at math, can he play, and I’d say oh I’ll meet him. I would take him on the team eventually and as you can imagine that led to a lot of problems. I had a lot of good players, some of my best players were close friends, and some of my other best players I just met, somebody introduced me to em.

Starting in October or November, I try and play a lot until next April. When I say a lot, I’m not talking about at Joe’s level, he plays way more hours than I do. But like this year I should end up with about 350 hours or something. So seven hours a week or something like that. People ask me that all the time they say “Aren’t you banned everywhere?”

And I say well, these days it’s impossible to not be able to play, if you wanna play Blackjack. I mean there’s so many casinos I mean hundreds and hundreds of casinos You know some people might think that the old days of Blackjack were better when the games were better, they had four decks, they dealt down the half a deck or they had better rules. But there’s a lot to be said for these days. What is there over 30 states for sure probably 35 states with Blackjack, and a lot of them are not that smart and there’s no way you could get kicked out of every casino where you could make money. I haven’t been to some states in 10 or 12 years where I know there’s good games. Luckily I’m not six foot ten or something like that.

My face is not that memorable, I grow a beard, and I comb my hair different, wear a hat. Until I start betting really big, they don’t really notice me right away. My philosophy almost since the beginning, and I had arguments with other team members or something is always get the money first. Don’t worry so much about if the casino likes you, if you’re gonna lose your comps, getting the EV, and getting the money is way more important than worrying about getting kicked out.

That happened on our team a lot. People were so scared, they might’ve had a nasty back off or something like that and they were so scared that they were afraid to put the money out. And you gotta put that money out there when the count’s good.

I mean you can mess around, your small edges you can fool around at True one and True Two. But when that count gets good, you gotta send that money out there. And when a count gets bad, you gotta get off the table, or bet the minimum.

Luckily, these days, I’ve had some nasty incidents in the past, but, I’d say in the last eight or ten years almost every back off has been pleasant. Or they might tell you, “We’re gonna arrest you for “tresspassing the next time.” And I don’t really let that stop me if they tell me that, I don’t go in the next day or something, but I’ll go in six months or a year later. And then what invariably happens, almost every time, is they say the same thing, “The very next time we’re “gonna arrest you for trespassing.” And most of the time it’s a bluff. Once in awhile they’ll follow through, but it’s very rare.

They don’t wanna have the hassle, and it’s not clear that they’re allowed to arrest you for trespassing. It’s basically a gray area and they’re not sure what they’re allowed to do, and we’re not sure, now in New Jersey they absolutely can’t do it, in Missouri they can’t do it. And other places, maybe they can maybe they can’t. Certainly card counters aren’t in the wrong at all. I think it’s one of the most ethical, and honorable things you can do, is play Blackjack against the casinos.

I’m sure everybody knows somebody or has heard of somebody that’s had their life ruined by a casino. Where somebody’s lost their family, or their house or whatever. And these casinos are ruthless.

I mean just read, there’s a good book, Whale Hunt in the Desert, by a casino host, or it’s about a casino host, absolutely how ruthless these people are about trying to get every last cent from these high rollers and stuff. Now I think that’s, the money is certainly better off in your pocket, than in these casinos. They’re not really nice people. They have a lot of influence with these politicians and these courts. And for them to be able to, for just doing math in your head while you’re playing a game, by the rules that they offer.

For them to be able to arrest, or threaten to arrest you or force you in a back room, and all this, is really wrong. It’s not a close call as to who’s in the right, the card counters or the casinos, I don’t think. Well there’s a lot of good things about card counting, to be thankful for. I mean the fact that your time is your own. The one thing we all are gonna run out of is time. Some of us may run out of money, all that but time is the most precious thing you have and to have the time your own, to be able to go out and play when you want to, to not have to be at a certain place at a certain time, is worth a lot.

I’ve had 40 years of that, where if I feel like playing Blackjack I play Blackjack. If I feel like I wanna play golf, I can go play golf. You know whatever. So that’s probably the best thing. And then another great thing is all the people you meet.

I’ve met some incredibly smart guys. One of my early teams I had, there was five of us. One guy’s probably gone on to be the highest winning gambler in the history of the world. And he was one of my first teammates, in fact he started out similar to me, he had basically no money and he was just about to take a job, at a Burger King, on the graveyard shift, because he was down below a thousand dollars he happened to be playing, and he met some other guy who was a card counter, and the guy saw he played really well, and he invited him back to their place to join the team. And now he’s a billionaire from gambling.

Some of the people you meet, it’s been phenomenal. Be aggressive. The other thing we didn’t talk about much is you really have to bet in proportion to your bank roll. You have to size your bet to how much advantage you have, on a particular thing. That’s really important.

You can’t go betting black chips when you have five or ten thousand dollars. You have to put the hours in, keep your expenses down, and build your bankroll up. And then you bet in proportion to that bankroll. And be aggressive, don’t be worried about getting kicked out of one casino, there’s a thousand other casinos to play at. I don’t know why more people don’t do this.

I think it’s a really good way to make a living. There’s not that many people that play Blackjack for their main source of income. When I first started doing it, I didn’t know that I was gonna do it for 40 years. I figured oh I’m gonna do this for awhile, and then I was thinking of teaching school, or you know various things, doing something with golf. If I had to say when would be the best time to play Blackjack, I might say it was now. You know, that’s only my opinion.

Other people say it was definitely better in the old days. But I think this is a real good time to make money at Blackjack. In the beginning, I was a young kid, once we learned this stuff and the money just kept coming in, we thought that this is the easiest thing in the world. And I did a lot of careless stuff. I was real sloppy with the accounting, I remember one time we had a house down off of Atlantic City Brigantine, I remember walking into the house with a briefcase, full of money, I forgot to secure the latches on the briefcase, and it was windy and the briefcase just popped open and there was money blowing all around the neighborhood. (audience laughs)

The Ruins of Las Vegas | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios

Here’s an idea. In Las Vegas, we’re are the America’s ruins. So when most people think of Las Vegas, they think of this– gambling, drinking, all kinds of crazy revelry, nonstop glitz, glamour, entertainment, and showmanship happening inside and around these massive, palatial casinos. Vegas’s sobriquet is Sin City, a place where one has access to any and every vice, assuming one is able to pay the price. And these buildings structure literally the whole experience. But this is also Las Vegas.

It’s just people don’t normally think about this part of it. Nevada was hit hard by the subprime mortgage crisis, where banks gave mortgages to people who technically couldn’t afford them, and then repackaged those mortgages as sound investments which eventually defaulted, leaving people with homes they couldn’t afford, investors with empty pockets, and gaping money holes in many markets. As of late October, 2015, Nevada has the highest home foreclosure rate of any state in the country. And metropolitan Las Vegas typically ranks within the top five. For a city that we associate so strongly with opulence, there is a fair amount of hardship here, and not just here but also here.

The casinos, Vegas’ monuments to diversion, excess, and abundance, but also provider of no shortage of employment opportunities for locals, also suffered in the wake of the recent economic collapse. This is Echelon Place which began construction in 2007 and was slated to be finished by 2010. It was to be an 87 acre project with 5,300 hotel rooms across four hotels. And it had a construction budget of $4 billion. In 2008, construction stopped, first for a year, then another estimated three to five years. So it sits here, waiting, now more of a memorial than a monument.

Echelon Place isn’t alone, either. In the last decade, there has been 10 hotels that have been abandoned or demolished. There are nearly a dozen massive projects which started construction but never finished. That Vegas is pocked with all of these foreclosed upon homes and incomplete monoliths is a testament to both it and America’s relationship to chance and chance’s relationship to wealth.

Let’s do some history. Long before The Strip, downtown Las Vegas got its start as a playground for construction workers building the Hoover Dam. At the time, Vegas was the closest significantly sized city with businesses that would stay open late.

The state had legalized gambling in 1931, the year that the dam started construction. But the US government wasn’t too keen on that move. They didn’t want their federally-paid dam workers spending their hard-earned dam cash on games of chance.

So they schemed to keep the workers away. But of course, their scheming had the opposite effect. Dam workers flooded Vegas– pun intended– and made it rave– pun and mixed metaphor intended. In 1936, when construction of the dam completed, the Great Depression was still in full swing, so all of those labors went elsewhere to find work. Vegas needed to figure out a way to survive, and quick, because it had learned to depend on that dam cash, which had vamoosed. Luckily, though the dam had stopped powering Vegas financially, it could now power Vegas literally.

And building upon their long-held reputation as a playground city, Vegas began outfitting its downtown, Fremont Street, with bright lights a-go-go. After not long, this part of town became known as Glitter Gulch. The rest is roughly and literally speaking, history. Vegas learned to depend on tourism fueled by glitz, glamour, and nearby scenic attractions. Gangsters and real estate developers learned to depend on Vegas’s lax law enforcement, regulation, and tax code. Entertainers from nearby LA, and eventually across the world, learned in Vegas, there is always an audience.

By the late ’40s, Vegas had stepped into its own as America’s playground, initiating its modern reputation as the perfect expression of American exceptionalism by way of a particular brand of flashy, capital-fueled, American excess, which works like gangbusters until 2007, when the boom became more of a dull thud. In the midst of a global economic recession, the glitz of Sin City can seem excessive at best or irresponsible at worst, which means that tourists are less likely to come visit. Add to that the fact that the city’s banks handed out some 35,000 loans that people technically couldn’t afford . I mean, I suppose in a city that’s defined by betting, it would make sense that real estate developers and lending organizations would bet it all. On the one hand, with civilian homes, it may be simple predatory lending.

But on the other hand, with things like casinos and resorts, I think it’s something else. The Vegas most of us recognize was constructed not to be used like a normal city, like a New York, or a Paris, or a Tokyo, to be marveled at. The Vegas we know is for gawking, not living. The Bellagio, Luxor, the Hard Rock Cafe, and their ilk all comprised a pseudo city which isn’t for residents, but for people who have come to play in as many senses of the word as possible. These structures are for residing, but relaxing.

And architecturally, this is all almost literally America’s playground in that we’ve perhaps outgrown it and abandoned it, except at great literal cost. Vegas is thoroughfares and signage, towering obelisks, and countless simulacra– a pyramid, but not the city, but not Europe, but not bodies of water, but not– were not built to age gracefully, but to impress immediately and then be demolished or abandoned. On one block between Sands Avenue and Flamingo Road used to sit Sands, Castaways, Nob Hill, Holiday Casino and Inn, the Imperial Palace, O’Sheas, and the Barbary Coast. Now, it’s home to Treasure Island, The Palazzo, The Venetian, The Mirage, Casino Royale, Harrah’s, The LINQ, Caesar’s Palace, Flamingo and the Cromwell. Not one original building remains standing.

In their influential book, “Learning from Las Vegas,” architect Robert Venturi, Denise Brown, and Robert Izenour write that in this landscape, architecture becomes symbol in space, rather than form in space. Weirdly, they weren’t writing about this Las Vegas or this Las Vegas, but this Vegas. They compare the parking lots of Las Vegas to France’s Versailles, a massive, sprawling palace famous for its gardens that stands as a symbol of the wealth of the old ruling class, but also the absolute monarchy of the old regime before the French Revolution. The parking lot, they write, is the parterre of the asphalt landscape, beautiful for all of its uselessness, a status symbol for storing other status symbols. What then of those massive, sprawling, finished, and unfinished mega casinos? What symbol are they?

I might say, our ruins. Given the turnover of the strip, destruction and ruination is practically pre-built into them. Some of them become alike to ruins before they’re even finished.

Sure, technically speaking, ruins are structures which at one point were complete and have become decrepit over a long period of time, though haven’t turned entirely back into dust. Machu Picchu, the pyramids, Petra, Teotihuacan, Angkor Wat, the Parthenon, the Acropolis, Caesar’s Palace– there’s this idea that the strength of a society is confidently communicated by the quality and resilience of its ruins. A powerful culture will build a long-lasting structures. In short, America has all kinds of impressive structures which will look great in the post-apocalypse, while it seems a Vegas casino is unlikely to make it half a generation, let alone some millennia. [MUSIC – “VIVA LAS VEGAS”] strip in Las Vegas, as a location, is such a perfect distillation of that stereotypical American abundance that it feels like maybe this should be our Carthage or Roman Forum, even if it won’t be. These structures stand already fulfilling their role as a ruins, though of course, technically, they aren’t testaments to the things that are important to us, but also what isn’t at a time where the future of the United States’ longstanding cultural and economic authority is anything but certain.

Though these things may not be ruins then, perhaps it’s meaningful for us to look at them as ruins now. What do you guys think? Are the ruins of Vegas something like Carthage after the fall of Rome? Let us know in the comments and our response to some of them in next week’s comment response video.

In this week’s comment response video, we talk about your thoughts regarding listicles. If you want to watch that one, you can click right here or find a link in the doobly-doo. Thank you so much to everyone who wrote a short story to enter in to win an Idea Channel t-shirt.

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But I promise, it will. This week’s episode was brought to you by the hard work of these high rollers. We have a Facebook, an IRC, and a subreddit links in the doobly-doo. And the tweet of the week comes from Leif Nelson, who points us towards a post about the “Wizard of Oz,” which has been re-cut alphabetically, which means that every scene that begins with a word that starts with the letter A is first. And it works its way all the way through scenes that begin with the word zipper. And it appears that there is more than one kind of movie that has been re-cut this way.