Casino Made Us Go Bankrupt – GTA 5 Funny Moments

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Smokey back here taking a Did she just hit the “Whoa”? Do it again Destinee: Okay Oh don’t do it.. YEAH! Oh my god. Please don’t forget to like the video HOLD UP! Mommy mommy it’s Naka Squad! Hey Julie! Heard you got that wet, wet, wet. Hi Naka Ayeeee! What’s up, everybody? What’s up, ya boy’s balling!

Let’s Go Man! Let me show you around man, let me show you around. This is where the apple juice is. This is uh, my pink couches. Were me and my girlfriend make love. There’s a chair. Chantze: Bruh I swear…. Blazing: NOPE! DO NOT sit on that couch! Do not sit on that couch.. All right. Let me show you out what an exit and since this motherĀ  is tripping. GET OFF MY PHONE!

What are you doing? This nigga is ordering room service! This boy is ordering some.. A box of pizza Blazing: Hold up, y’all come where I am.Blazing: Cause I see a bed, and I see some tissues.. I win a lot of money and read review at online casino Casinoslots Ireland. I’m going to do it.. I’m going to do it!Random Person: Do a flip! OH MY GOD! THERE’S A DEAD PERSON OVER HERE! AD: Are you for real?

YES! What the hell happend to her? AD: OH MY… Bro she’s slumped. Bro she dived too far and she hit the..Dang look at her neck! Her neck and her back! Wait, what’s wrong with her? Aye y’all come over here! Smokey back here taking a Aye, she taking a Aye man, let her take her in peace man come on.

Damn that nigga knocked you th Blazing: Blazing on the track, and you know that I’m too big and black. WHAT? And you know that I’m too big and black. Bro, what are you talking about man? I’m about to go.. Lee: Imma buy a casino real quick. AD: No, you buy a penthouse.

Naka: Idiot. Lee: Huh Blazing tell me what’s up with the new car, bro Blazing: Nothing Everybody! YOU GOT FIVE SECONDS! OH!! Oh my god I’m sorry! I thought it was on a time, I’M SORRY! Lee: Huh? She over there kicking with them white Timberlands on. That one weird kid at school Chantze: Bro I swear we have.. Naka: Wait hold on.. Did She just hit the whoa?

Do it again. Destinee: Okay Oh don’t do it.. Ye.. YEAH! Oh my god.Chantze: Amara that dress… Disgusting. Amara: STOP HATING! Amara: Exclusive drip Naka: Exclusive drip, by Amara! Come on Nerdy. Get in Nerdy! We out, we out, we out! Give me one second Nerdy HELP ME nigga!

You just sitting in the car! Ouch! My organs! MY ORGANS! NERDY!Oh Hey Didn’t see you there Well, since you made it to the end of the video Don’t forget to give it a like before you go And if you’re still bored, hell, just click that video right over there and keep on watching alright, I Gotta go have somebody lick caviar off my balls. But until then I’ll catch ya