Importance of X-MEN in video games

x men games

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The shipping and handling averages around 5 dollars depending on your location. link will be in the description box below so make sure you jump on that while the offer last. But getting back on the subject at hand I wanted to talk about the fate of the X-Men in video games. Because I have a feeling that they’ll play a very prominent role in Marvel games going forward.

Since Square Enix and Marvel Entertainment have teamed up they’ve announced the Avengers Project. A title which is most likely a placeholder and will be called something else by the time the next trailer comes out. Marvel Entertainment stated that they’d be updating us sometime this year so I’m assuming we’ll be getting something this month, or December at the latest.

But anyways the Avengers Project won’t be the only entry in this new deal. Square has a multi-game agreement in place with their subsidiaries developers manning the helm. And I think it’s safe to assume that the X-Men will be filling in 1 of those spots. Because they’ve been very adamant about bringing together a team of prestigious devs to make the ultimate superhero team up.

And besides the Avengers I think the X-Men would be a smart choice. Because they’ve arguably been the corner stone in Marvel comics and their video games. Thanks to great comic legends like Chris Claremont, we’ve seen the mutants change the landscape of how super heroes are perceived. They were awesome to look at and fans were eager to play as their favorite characters like Wolverine and Cyclops. After Marvel realized that expanding to different mediums was a necessity to keep the franchises afloat we got to experience their powers first hand in side scroller beat em ups.

And thanks to the huge resurgence in the franchise from Jim Lee’s take on the team we began to see Capcom take interest. Making games like X-Men: Children of the Atom and Marvel Super Heroes which ultimately lead to X-Men vs Street Fighter. The godfather of hyper stylized 2D fighters. If you look back you’ll notice that they’ve undoubtedly been the corner stone for so many classics. Some of which are still around today.

For example they’re responsible for kick starting 1 of the most popular fighting game series in the world, Marvel VS Capcom. A series that showcased insane visuals to match it’s insanely stylish gameplay. We’d see MVC continue grow in popularity spanning direct sequels until Marvel became financially desperate and began lending the X-Men I.P. to other companies like Activision.

And this in my opinion is where we saw the true potential of the Mutant team shine through the cracks. Say what you want about Activision’s shady business tactics but they’ve arguably published some of the best X-MEN titles to date. Including classics like the Mutant Academy games which are highly underrated in my opinion.

And don’t get me started on the Wolverine games, particularly X-Men Origins: Wolverine Uncaged Edition. A movie tie-in that proved that games could be better than their cinematic counterparts. So having a successful run in the fighting game genre wasn’t the only thing the X-Men brand had going for them. I think 1 of if not the best series that they’ve been associated with is the Legends games.

Because that particular property would be the blueprint to 1 of the best action RPG’s, Marvel Ultimate Alliance. But anyways I don’t mean to go off on a tangent or anything I’m just give explain why the X-Men are so important and desperately need a new video game I.P. Because they’re popularity has sorta wavered in the past years. And I think it’s due in part to licensing issues. Like it’s quite obvious that corporate heads at Marvel and Disney have been very adamant about only including specific characters from their movies.

This is something that’s brought on a slew of complications for future Marvel game properties down the road. A couple years after the release of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Marvel Entertainment were done allowing all of their character coincide in the same game. Although they had all of their properties ready for distribution in merch format. They were done allowing them to be sold by 3rd parties in digital markets. Especially if they didn’t own the movie rights.

So that meant characters like X-Men, and the Fantastic 4 or whoever else wasn’t under that MCU umbrella wouldn’t be marketed in current Marvel games. And this is something that hurt a lot of popular titles down the line. Mainly Marvel vs Capcom Infinite.

A game that has been anticipated for over 6 years. Now obviously it turned to be a PR nightmare because who wants to play a Marvel based game if the X-Men aren’t invited? The roster for MVCI had been trimmed down so much on the Marvel side mainly because the X-Men have always made up a good chunk of the fighters. Like that’s something that I always liked about the franchise.

They’re actually capable standing on their own compared to the rest of the Marvel Universe. It really shows with how consistent the live action films have been. But unfortunately those films have caused MVCI to lack iconic characters we’ve looked forward to playing with.

And we asked and asked, when would we see Wolverine or Cyclops. Or even Sentinel but we kept getting bogus responses. 1 of the funniest explanations I’ve heard was from Capcom’s producers, ComboFiend. Coming up with the excuse that the characters are essentially just functions. And that’s simply not the case.

Who gives a shit if you took creative liberties to tailor move sets to new characters to accommodate certain play styles? Just give me Magneto and Dr. Doom. I could care less about Captain Marvel having moves similar to Phoenix.

As you can imagine this business practice has tarnished Capcom’s image. To this date MVCI is the lowest selling game in the series. It got critically panned for it’s lackluster design and uninspired story. Not only that but it didn’t see the light of day at this year’s EVO. Losing out to other tag fighters like Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Since then we’ve gotten a few DLC’s featuring characters who’re currently in Avengers Infinity War. As well as Venom who has his own solo movie But that’s about it. There have been no updates reassuring us that we will get characters like Sentinel, Rogue, or Gambit. So I think it’s safe to assume that they’re done with that entry. Or so we thought. Since then more news & rumors have started to swirling around that Marvel is finally ready to start sharing their toys again.

Supposedly Capcom are in the works of making a update for MVCI, possibly being titled MVC4. From what I’m hearing ComboFiend who had previously worked with Capcom, left the company and now works at Marvel in their game division. Allegedly he’s creating dialogue between the two companies to convince them to feature all of the characters that were missing from MVCI. Now this is a little too good to be true. So I’m a bit apprehensive about all of this info. But what I will say is that ComboFiend is in fact a part of the Marvel team now.

If you look at the end credits for Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4, you’ll see his actual name, Peter Rosas credited as a Marvel producer. So I guess you can that does add a little validity to this rumor. If this all happens to be true then the future looks bright for future X-Men games. And I think it’s largely due in part to the recent 20th Century FOX acquisition by Disney that I’m hearing will be finalized by the beginning of next year.

I’ve also heard from sources I can’t name that Square Enix has an embargo set in place for specific characters they can use in the Avengers Project. They’re most likely sitting on their hands in wait for Marvel to get the film rights to the X-Men & Fantastic 4. Since this film news has become an actual thing we’ve been seeing X-MEN characters appear in smaller Marvel related properties like mobile games. And the Fantastic Four 4 have finally returned to the comics after being discontinued for years.

So hopefully this gives the devs and Marvel the incentive to make a full fledged Avengers game that features all of the characters associated with it and not just the MCU. It’s a damn shame that MVCI had to suffer due to corporate interference. Because besides the underwhelming roster it had some pretty solid game play.

Hopefully it’ll be the last game to get this treatment. I know I mentioned in 1 of my previous videos that the Avengers Project was rumored to be the successor to Ultimate Alliance 2. So if that bit of info turns out to be true then it’ll mean Marvel & Disney are done ostracizing certain characters from future games. But with that I’d like to end this video. I don’t wanna call this an update video. It’s more of an impromptu, just giving my opinion on the the current state of the X-Men games.

And where they fit within Marvel’s new approach to producing triple A titles. Because they’re just as important in the video games as they are in the comics. But enough about what I think. I wanna know what you think. Do you feel like this FOX & Disney merger will effect future Marvel games. And do you think Square should develop a X-men game?