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Today’s guests are…! Lunatic-Hai’s MIRO, Ryujehong, and ESCA! The fans are calling you guys Kongnatic-Hai because you’ve placed 2nd in many games, sport betting winning is better but… Yeap, winner is a good thing, a great thing Ryu! You are known as an angry player We want to know whether you are angry all the time or not I like pushing myself to the very end but playing Overwatch was a difficult thing for me despite my characteristic I get angry on the screen… * LoL * Is there a time when you want to play characters like Hanzo? I like Hanzo not because it is a bad character but because I like Hanzo – Is there a hero which you don’t like? – Hanzo for me * LoL * Is there a character you want to see in person?

(Perhaps in Cosplay) Widowmaker! Why are you laughing right now? I would like to see Widowmaker too It would certainly entertain my two eyes Three two one Everything You Want to Know (궁금셔틀) Here we go! Everything You Want to Know (궁금셔틀) Answering your questions! Hi there, this is Ryoo Ho Jung who, the interviewer of this amazing program!

Today, we will be covering the Korean players who won the Blizzcon’s Overwatch Worldcup with fabuluos gameplays and moves…! I am happy to introduce Lunatic-Hai’s MIRO, Ryujehong, and ESCA to you guys! – Hi there! – Hi Would you mind introducing yourself a bit? This is MIRO and I usually tank in the team Hi Greetings, this is Ryujehong and I am the healer Hi! This is ESCA and I am in charge of DPS in the tema I really have to tell you guys that there were lots and lots of comments Can you tell us how the team was formed?

We met together as a professional Special Force 2 gamers, except MIRO… We socialized together since then… and Overwatch was released when I finished my military service So we talked… and decide to make a team There were comments asking whether the team only chooses the fancy-looking players or not Nah… I don’t think we are that great looking guys Thank you for seeing us like that – How polite…! – Ah – Let’s talk games as we are a bit ashamed of the previosu comments… – Yeap, totally How long do you normally practice in a day?

A whole day except when we eat and sleep When do you get up and when do you go to sleep? I usually wake up at 1am and sleeps at 3 am – 3 in the morning? – Yeap 3, 4, 5… How do you keep your eyes open during the match day? I sleep early if I have games to participate – Can you sleep early?

– Nah How do you set your Mouse Sentitivity? 1600 dpi, and 1.16? – 1600dpi, and 4.9 – 1040dpi, and 9.4 You guys are all different… We can’t really refer anything from that What do we have to do to improve aiming and teamwork, and to improve our tiers? Ah this is something which I wanted to ask myself I usually play Practice Mode to improve my aiming…

I put 4 Lúcio and shoot them with McCree or Soldier – Okay – I usually practice that way Well…you’ve got to practice aiming, and play lots and lots of games to be a great player I’ve seen you guys playing games with the ones you already know… Why do you love playing games with friendly professionals? You do the interview for this question, you play like that I do play Team Queue… but I usually play Solo! If someone asks me, then I play Team Queue Yeap…That’s why Ah~ So you are saying that you play Team Queue because you are loved my others…right? Oh…That’s right How about the other two?

Not that often… but I play in team when I want to win a game easily Playing with professionals surely brings victory easily… I think that’s whay people see it badly It’s fun playing with other professionals It’s something more than just my preference – It’s easier to communicate with the ones you already know than communicating with others you don’t know in Solo Queue… – Yeap That’s why I like playing games with the ones I know Next question! What kind of games did you enjoy playing before Overwatch? I played Special Force 1 and 2… Also played Black Squad before joining Overwatch – I often play H1Z1 – What about before H1Z1? – Special Force 2…Counter Strike? League of Legends!

– League of Legends too? – Yeap, I was a big fan – I played Cypers, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm…and now I play Overwatch – Ah really? There is a question asking MIRO how good you are with Hearthstone…How good are you? – 4th best, Legend – That good?

– Yes – Professionals are good at all games… – Is that high? Yes, the highest rank in Hearthstone… Trust me Is there a story which you remember while playing FPS games? We often play 3:3 match to clean up the messes we make… and the thing is…I lose all the time My team loses all the time I am no the one to blame! I get gold medals!

but I lose all the time… What do you think before playing a game? Well, you don’t really think something before having a meal, right? 아니 뭐 밥먹거나 이럴 때 다짐하고 하지는 않잖아요 Playing a game is something natural… – You should…like for today… – Is that so?

Then do you make yourself a promise before an event or a match? – Let’s win! – Let’s win?

Let’s do this…like that What comes to your mind when you see fans who use your real names or nicknames on Twtich? – I really appreciate them – Thank you – MIRO, what about you? I heard that you are really popular on the internet – Inje (ESCA) has the largest number of fans – Yeap, ESCA Daughter, ESCA Waifu… – ESCA GirlFriend…like that Whoa…what a fan…

I saw that there were lots and lots of fans lining up to get your autographs… and there were lots and lots of female fans Is there a know-how for your fandom? That…! Well, I have the smallest number of fans here All the fans get autographs from these two and then come to me I don’t think I deserve all those loves and kisses so I don’t know how I got popular So…thank you Don’t you want to talk about this? Okay Here’s another question from Hyun-E… Is there a member that shocked others? We know how we talk and act because we’ve been in training sessions before… So there were no shock and awe – So…that’s all?

– Yeap, so so Who do you think is the most handsome person in Lunatic-Hai except yourself? – Injae (ESCA) – Injae (ESCA) * LoL * Jejong (Ryujehong) * LoL * He’s a bit ashamed right now How do you think of other members? Nothing really, just…let’s do this til the very end? I like doing things together unitl the very end… but Overwatch was a bit hard for me – Always angry… – Yeap, that’s why I look angry all the time Are there times when you guys get agitated during training sessions?

No, we just give and receive feedbacks from each other We don’t really get agitated and get angry It would certainly be difficult for the team to exist if one gets agitated from negative feedbacks How long have you guys known each other? 5, 6 years? Except MIRO… and 2 years if we only count the training camp sessions You guys played games together So I think it was a bit easier for you guys to coordinate gameplays compared to other teams, right?

I think so…we knew our styles Tell me your specialty in the team! – Eating! – Winston! – Buying delicious things to other members?

Did you see how he reacted to your words? * LoL * Which rank do you think represents great players? Grand Master! Once you get into the league, you can call yourself a great player because the players you meet from there are all the same – You are saying that the ranks don’t mean anything except the petty score differences, right?- – Yeap – Okay I have to talk about how you guys did in the last Overwatch Worldcup How was it when you guys won the event without losing a single game? It felt amazing…because it was our first winning tournament and we even got the cup without losing a game Everyone was amazed at our record-breaking accomplishment It was really good Remember nobody expecting us to be the champion?

So when we actually won the matches, it felt as if we did actually achieved something great There were negative expectations on Korean FPS styles and we did actually think like that at that time – Really? – Totally…when we streamed our videos, everyone was asking whether we can beat the Swedish team or not The Swedish team showed great moves back then… but we proved that we were wrong on that Ah…was it different? – I still don’t know whether we were great or not… – That could be the reason why you guys were a lot more fascinated at winning the tournament – Totally – You worked with players with other teams… How was it?

Nothing special, everything went well…! I did this, he did that, and vice versa…! Which once was better?

With Overwatch Worldcup members? or Lunatic-Hai members? – Lunatic-Hai for now… – For now…? The Worldcup team did great things…

I think everyone will admit this Next question… You lost to KongDoo Uncia recently during APEX…Why did you lose? Because we couldn’t show great moves that day I admit, we admit… Don’t be sad… I’m really sad right now… The bad memories of the past…are haunting us The fans are calling you guys Kongnatic-Hai because you’ve placed 2nd in many games so far I head that you were called “Kong” when you were playing Cyphers game Is that so?

* LoL * Winning is better but… Yeap, winner is a good thing, a great thing Just an inch from winning…yeap Do you sometimes feel an urge to throw a game? Sometimes, during competitive play…yeap When I see hacks and cheats…? I only feel like that when I see hacks and cheats If not, I have to win the game, no throwing…!

Is there a time when you want to play characters like Hanzo? I like Hanzo not because it is a bad character but because I like Hanzo Is there a hero which you don’t like? Hanzo for me * LoL * Do you think Hanzo is a good character? – I think Hanzo should not exist in the game – Is that so?

– Once shot, once kill…all of a sudden – All of a sudden? – Yeap What could be the cause of the negative term “Genji-Tracer-Widowmaker-Hanzo” in Korea? That might be because the players in the lower rank plays those four characters a lot * LoL * Do you often get damages from cheaters? It’s hard for us to play normal games There are lots and lots of cheaters in Overwatch Are there that many cheaters? I don’t feel tired even after 10 hours of gameplay I have no choice but to wait because of the cheaters All cheat and no play makes me a dull boy Blizzard should see this interview About 50% of the matches include cheaters As we encounter cheaters that many times, those cheaters even snipe us when we are streaming our videos They use our streaming videos as their promotional channel – They promote cheating? – Yes – To sell their soultions… – That’s mean Have you been thinking about a solution for cheaters?

Banning the cheaters in the Grand Master might reduce the number of cheaters eventually… They are using those stuffs to get attention from others So I think banning them would make them stop using those mean programs The ones I met did not use hacks… And we got into the higher rank together I can’t even tell whether the player is using one or not these days * LoL * Is there a character you want to see in person? (Perhaps in Cosplay) Winston! It would be really joyful to see a real gorilla in Winston’s costume Disaster can happen… Widowmaker…!

– Why are you laughing right now? – I couldn’t find one even during the Blizzcon period I would like to see Widowmaker too It would certainly entertain my two eyes Amazing? Or entertaining? – Entertaining – Okay There were lots of comments on Ryujehong Ryu! You are known as an angry player We want to know whether you are angry all the time or not I don’t get angry all the time…

But it seems that I look as if I am agitated on the screen Why? * LoL * Many people chooses Ryujehong as the player who uses Ana most effectively… How did you practice Ana? I don’t think I can give out tips regarding my practices…

I just used the character since the very first day when Ana came out – Just use the character often – Okay Practice makes perfect! How do you Quick Zoom using Ana? It’s a natural thing My hand does the job It’s natural?

From years of experience as a FPS player? My hand sometimes amazes me too Trust me! I’m not lying!

Practice makes perfect…okay! Tell us some tips about surviving skill, ultimate ability priorities, and locations Ana has to be delicately cared by the team to survive during the game Lúcio should be at the side, or should heal others at the same time For the priorities… Consider Soldier or Repear who deals damages first Reinhardt can be an option here Not a bad choice after all Don’t you make mistakes? Very often… Lúcio often jumps in front of me when I try to use the ultimate ability – Lúcio gets the shot if he jumps… – Right Lúcio is not a bad choice too He can do his duty after all Any tips on Ana’s Sleeping Dart? It’s hard to shoot the opponent with the dart… You were really good at it Nah, it was all just a coincidence – Nothing special… – You are being really honest today!

By the way, about the close-shots… I predict the location before shooting So think before shooting~ – Yeap, people should think! – I’ll think from now on… I’ll be giving questions to MIRO from now on Do you have a girl friend? – Nope – No?

– No – Because you are so into gaming? – Yeap – Are you planning to make one in the future? – Huh? * LoL * I want to work hard and play hard for now…so… – It seems that it’s hard to be a boy friend and a professional player at the same time – That’s right What is the appealing characteristics of Winston?

I can move here and there rapidly with Winston… I think that’s the most appealing point What should I do to play like you, MIRO? – Play hard – Play hard?

Oh! That’s all it takes to play like me and view lots and lots of streams and videos – So… – Yeap Playing helps, but viewing helps a lot too So I view almost every official games How should we use D.VA? I usually guard the opponent’s Roadhog Is that when you started seeing D.VA as a hero superior to all the other heroes? There’s no option but to use D.VA against Roadhog Winston is not favored my professionals as 3 Tanks became the mainstream Meta… How do you think about this change? Meta changes all the time and I still think Winston is a nice hero So all it takes is a small change in Meta and how people think about Winston Do you feel that there is a change in Meta? Tanks are leading the mainstream… Tanks all have those yellow HP bars with them They don’t die…literally!

I just can’t kill them… and that’s when I feel the change Have you ever played as a professional in other leagues? I played as a Cypheres professional gamer – Were you also popular back then? – Nah Don’t lie to us What’s up with MIRO and Bogyeom (AfreecaTV Streamer)? You also mentioned his name in Blizzcon I am his fan He should look at this interview… Does he know that you are his fan…? He’s my bro Bogyeom did make lots of meme phrases!

Do you use them often? – I often use his “Are you dissing me?” – “Are you dissing me?” – Dissing me all the time… – Yes – ALL THE TIME – All the time?

How do you react to that? I do the same Do the same…! So the following questions are for ESCA What’s your plan regarding your military service? I am worried because the members in Lunatic-Hai are all really old compared to other teams… Uh… I’m planning to postpone my military service What’s the best damage dealer these days?

Tracer? Tracer can influence the whole game setting if the players uses the character well – That’s because Tracer can disturb the enemy position… – Soldier and McCree are hard to play these days because of tanks like D.VA and Reinhardt – Hard to survive… – Tracer can survive, and disturb the position at the same time You picked Sombra as your most favorite character in another interview What’s your opinion on Sombra? Sombra is not favore my professionals for now, but I still think Sombra is worth playing Sombra can hack Reinhardt’s shield and can even hack the enemy kits Are you saying that people will use Sombra more often if we do research on the character? I think so Please give us your comments on APEX Season 2!