The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Review

This is it the big one, it’s not the last dissolving marathon, but this is the one that a lot of you weren’t, anticipating the most The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. Okay, first off, is it ocarina or ocarina? I hear people pronouncing it differently.

All the goddamn time, how is it pronounced, then attend? No 64 was the console were numerous Nintendo franchises made their three-dimensional debut in 1996 we get Super Mario 64 and 1998. It was all the franchise to turn. I’Ve mentioned it earlier reviews that I wouldn’t come to own an n64 until 2003, but and then it mean I wasn’t aware of this year – amount of hype. This game received upon release. I recall the commercials and magazine articles, I think even came across the Nintendo Power issue focused entirely on ocarina of time, with a stout, flee or fight with a stout finish or die trying and in the end, we’ll.

Let’S now get the girl or taunting and misogyny in the Nintendo commercial, guessing that one didn’t last very long in the air Ocarina of Time is often considered to be the most critically acclaimed game of all time. Even to this day, people from all across the internet described how much of an impact the game left on not only this other community but video gaming in general, I mean this game was huge. There was nothing else like it. It’S the franchise’s first jump into the 3d world, so let’s just see how well it made the transition, like the previous reviews in the earlier console titles I’ll, be playing off the Virtual Console to provide better image quality for this review, though, I would still recommend playing The game on an actual n64 more on that later in the late 90s. If people weren’t talking about Final Fantasy 7, they were most likely talking about popcorn. Out of time, I was interested.

My mindset back in the day was to always try out the game. Everybody couldn’t shut the fuck up about. Well, I wouldn’t come to play ocarina of time until I first napped my GameCube nearly 10 years ago in 2003, if you were subscribed to Nintendo Power or purchased a newly released GameCube, you would get The Legend of Zelda collector’s edition disc, which came with the first. All the game Zelda to ocarina at a time and Majora’s Mask all in one neat little package, my Kang kid wasn’t used to one, however, and I wasn’t subscribed and it’s an app hour at the time, so I ended up borrowing my uncle’s copy. This is how I first played impeding Ocarina of Time. I can’t exactly recall how long it took me to beat the game on my first two run, but I do remember spending many weekends on it.

Much that it just may have my younger brother mark, who I shared a room with at the time when you break it down. Awkward from a simplified viewpoint, continues to follow the standards that were established in zelda 1 and approved upon in the late to the past. The biggest change ocarina time introduces is the shifts of 3d, so a majority of this review will be focused on how well the established formula works in the third dimension and what was changed to accommodate the shift before we do any of that. However, we have a story to summarize in an endless force.

Lies a young boy who lives among the Kokiri, a race of beings that resemble children, the guardian of the forest known as the great Deku Tree senses. That evil is afoot and instructs a fairy by the name of Navi to tag along with the young boy. Who is destined for greater things?

The young boy is none other than link in one of his youngest incarnations, the kids barely 9 years old in this game boy is he in for some shit in no time Lincoln, Navi become acquainted and meet up with the Deku Tree will later reveals that he’s Slowly dying from a curse that was placed on him, he attacks link with removing the curse inside of the body which link does so swiftly, but in the end the Deku Tree informs like that he was doomed from the start. I guess the great Deku Tree is not a fan of having spiders and Goa’s inside his body before dying. The Deku Tree tells link the story of the three goddesses din nayru and farore the beings responsible for the creation of Hyrule and the only triangles themselves.

The Triforce, the person responsible for placing the deaf person the Deku Tree, was a man by the name of Ganondorf who wishes to seek out the Triforce to gain ultimate power with the world. The Deku Tree bestows linked with the Kokiri emerald, one of the three spiritual stones needed to gain access to the sacred realm, where the Triforce is supposedly held. Remember the golden land from a Link to the Past, while now it’s known as the Sacred Realm right before his death, the Deku Tree sets link off to Hyrule Castle to meet Princess Zelda, who senses the exact same evil at the Deku Tree noticed to ensure Ganondorf. Doesn’T obtain the Triforce Zelda tells link they’ll need to gather the two other spiritual stones located in Hyrule to prevent Ganondorf from entering the temple of time, which is the gateway connecting the land of Hyrule to the Sacred Realm. You also need to utilize the prized possession of the Hyrule Kingdom, the Ocarina of Time, which is the key needed to open the door that leaves the Triforce. You may have noticed that the hunt for the spiritual stone sounds remarkably similar to the pendant collective, linked it in a Link to the Past.

Well, it’s true that both quests are similar in concept. The purpose for collecting the items are a bit different in a Link to the Past likely to collect the pedestal. The Master Sword to beat Jerry and in this game we’re just collecting the spiritual stuff to keep Canada waiting. The tribal wars in the sacred realm singing out loud makes you realize yeah, it’s pretty much.

The same thing with the mission clear in his head link begins his quest for the other spiritual stones. This leads in both of the Goron City and Death Mountain home of the rock eating gowron’s and zorse found in the zohr domain home of the Zoras, while these guys sure I’ve gotten a lot prettier in a 3d transition. How do you go from this to this? Are they two separate races that are both known as auras? Well, you can call the king of Zoras the fusion between the two designs, but I’m getting off topic here.

Collecting the other two spiritual stones requires link to help the gorons district. Houston Donnelly eaten up all the food and rescuing the princess of Zoras route, Oh from the insides of a large fish known as jabu jabu. The story doesn’t really evolve for going where, as you collect the stones, I mean you meet the rudia, the leader of the gorons who’s thankful for a link helping out his fellow people, but it really doesn’t go anywhere past that then you have princess ruto who, besides Being your typical rebellious princess is just the means to collect the last spiritual stone things. Don’T begin picking up again until you head back to Hyrule Castle after collecting the final stone zelda and her guardian EMPA are seen running away from the castle on horseback with Ganondorf theme soft hot on their trail during the escape Zelda tosses, like the Ocarina of Time Itself to keep it away from the clutches of Ganondorf, with Ganondorf, far away from Hyrule Castle. Link takes this time to enter the temple of time and, along with the power of the spiritual stones, uses the ocarina to open up the door of time revealing the Master Sword. The blade that gets shit done link approaches the sword and pulls it out of the pedestal where she had suddenly starts to go down.

It’S revealed that Ganondorf was secretly following link the entire time and that pulling out the Master Sword open up the path to the Sacred Realm itself. To make matters worse pulling out. The Master Sword also calls like to go into a magical induced coma, allowing Ganondorf to take the Triforce with no resistance following a bright flash link is awakened by the sage of Light. Rahu telling length of the reason why he was put to sleep was because he was not old enough to become the hero of time. Just yet.

As a result, seven years has passed and link is now becoming young, adult complete with magically produced gauntlets, tights and earrings. In a hefty information dump, Rahu explains him like that, since no one was able to stop Ganondorf from entering his takeit Roman taken the Triforce, the man has become the king of evil and has transformed the kingdom of Hyrule into a Malaysia wasteland, and by that I Mean the market place inside the Hyrule Castle area, the hydro fields, look completely untouched and Kakariko village looks perfectly fine as well. I guess it hasn’t been too bad for these people, but maybe I’m overlooking some details now that link is old enough to wield the Master Sword and become the hero of time Raoul. Instructs link to rescue the other five stages, scattered across Hyrule, where they can use their combined forces to stop ganondorf’s reign of terror over this desolate marketplace. The rest of the world to link is sent back to the temple of time, where he encounters a mysterious figure, who goes by the name of sheik, who represents the last of the sheekha’s, who could be summed up as ninjas to protect the royal family of hyrule. This series is not rocking ninjas and you know what she tells like something: every Zelda aficionado of guess.

At this point, the remaining five stages are located in five different temples: one of the forests, one of the mountains, one a large lake, went inside a graveyard and one in the desert. Now, from this point on the story, just sort of pauses, if I can describe it any other way, you have an objective – you know ganondorf’s the king of evil and all that, but until you rescue the final sage, the story doesn’t really go anywhere. This is pretty much on. Every template is structured. You approach the temple area.

Sheik teaches you a song that allows you to conveniently warp there in case you ever want to go back, you conquer the dungeon and then the sage thanks you for rescuing them. It’S only when you’re ready to take on Ganondorf himself as when the overarching story continues to unfold. There’S a bit of small talk between Lincoln each of the sages, but that’s all it is small talk. They go out of their way to describe the dangers that our common flank doesn’t help but complete that dungeon, but, seeing as we already know that the world is an utter peril with Ganondorf in control, it comes off as redundant. I know that will be a total disaster. If I don’t do anything, that’s why I’m here in the first place, to stop the wool from becoming even shittier, then there’s Sheik, a ninja who doesn’t do anything besides teach us songs and spends a majority of the game off screen when you’re about to enter the Shadow Temple, you think something’s gon na happen, that’ll cause Lincoln sheikah team-up, but all that happens is a hilariously one-sided battle with something they can’t even see after that Sheik just goes away.

You know, guess I didn’t want to have linked out the focus for anyone else, which is quite the shame too, because linked himself is an absolute piece of wood, and this game really makes that apparent. It doesn’t speak, react too much or seem to have any emotional connection with anybody in this game. If Miyamoto wanted link to represent the player in this game, well, I’m not seeing it for myself anyway. I can’t relate to this guy at all when the five or the sages are rescued.

Link heads back to the temple of time to meet with sheik, who was then revealed to be princess, zelda herself come on. Tell me that’s the reason why she barely does anything in this story. There’S could have been a perfect opportunity to show the princess. Zelda was more than just a damsel in distress.

I mean I really like her more than princess peach. So why not inject a little more badass in her Princess Zelda explains that when Ganondorf obtained the triforce in the Sacred Realm, he only received a part of it. The Triforce of power, the other 2 Triforce segments, wisdom and courage, reside in Zelda and link respectively.

Zelda gives like the power of the lighthouse to help defeat Ganondorf and as soon as she does so she’s magically captured by Ganondorf shouldn’t, have removed your ninja disguise there Zelda. Why does she remove it in the first place? What is she hiding from Ganondorf all this time?

So we pretty much know how it works from here. Link travels the Ganondorf Castle and faces off with the evil came for the climatic final battle. Well, the first part of the battle isn’t really climatic at all, which is another game of energy tennis. You can even use your empty bottles instead of your sword, effectively sapping away any sort of serious that this battle holds.

But oh man, when Ganondorf is down for the count, he uses the Triforce of power to transform into a final form Ganon and what I think is the most badass and downright threatening looking Ganon I’ve ever seen. This is what you’d call a climatic final boss battle. The music is ominous the atmosphere as done right sense of dread and well come on. Look at that to this day it’s my favorite Ganon fight out of every Ganon fight of experience in the series at this point, Zelda even lent some assistance – it’s not much, but it’s enough to give a blink enough time to deal the final blow again and complete With a stab to the fucking head Zelda and the other six sages combined their powers together and seal the defeated Ganondorf into the Sacred Realm saving Hyrule from further tyranny, with the threat of Ganondorf gone Zelda used the ocarina of time to send link back to the Past to regain his lost childhood after that, everyone pretty much just goes nuts and celebrates the defeat of Ganondorf link places the master store back in its pedestal and Navi just kind of leaves it just leaves. I thought I thought she and Link were pretty good friends at this point with a fuck. The very last scene is young link and the young Princess Zelda meeting once again in the garden where they initially met.

So you now it’s not really suggested in the story, but a lot of people believe that young link, it forms young Zelda. What Gandalf has planned for the kingdom of Hyrule and with that knowledge gambrel could be arrested before having a chance to do anything ensuring a bright future? Now, I’m not saying that’s what happens just what people believe, and you know what I agree kind of make sense. So I’m not gon na argue with it.

I know I spend a considerably longer time here, summarizing the story than any other Zelda game at this point, when he looked back at it, it’s really no more complicated or involved in sailing to the past. There’S a lot more flavor text for sure, and the game does explain how the Triforce was created as well as Hyrule in general, but that doesn’t really mean anything in the grand scheme of things in the end. Ganondorf wants to rule the world and you need to stop him. That’S what the total story amounts to. It gets the job done, but even with the jump to 3d, it doesn’t get any more complicated than that.

But what about the gameplay? Well, as I said earlier, ocarina of time follows the refining formula that was established in a Link to the Past and simply shifts it into 3d Lincoln attack with this role with the B button that could perform context-sensitive actions with the a button such as less than Objects pushing or pulling things or opening doors, context-sensitive actions if flames awakening had that. I think I would have cut it a little more slack. Well, if the power person was at least context-sensitive because of the 3d shift, the combat mechanics had to be adjusted along with it. Striking enemies with the sword is still an easy thing to do, and you can still perform the spin attack by holding the attack button down, but by pressing the Z button on the controller Lincoln lock onto whatever knobby direction. With this Lincoln easily keep track of enemies.

To effectively damage them, or no one to properly Guardians attached with this shield, which you can use by pressing the right shoulder buttons when links locked onto something holding down the Z button in general, he can perform fast moving side, jumps and dodge walls to avoid incoming Attacks he can also perform a jumping slash for a lot of damage. It’S not the most accurate attack, but it is remarkably satisfying to connect West in a Link to the Past link could equip of secondary items to use whenever he wanted to with the Y button. Here link has a total of three count’em three items to equip items from your inventory. So not only can you utilize items such as the slingshot or boomerang with one button, but by pressing the corresponding arrow button.

You can also use that bottle of milk. You have on standby or that wooden stick that makes for an effective beating weapon. This seriously kicks ass, in addition to the sword and she’ll have her own separate buttons having three item button thousand obstacles more comfortable to confront, and it doesn’t break the pace in the slightest. That’S how you do the world of Hyrule, unsurprisingly, was given a major overhaul in terms of both scale and activity. There’S a lot to do in this place.

Completing the game with little to no side quests involved will probably take you about six to seven hours. If you plan on going for heart pieces or completing specific tasks in that item expansions or going extremely out of your way to graduate also love the gold Skulltula tokens then expect your total gain times of double, possibly triple. Depending on your skill. Completing a side quest shouldn’t take too much time, but there are a few in this game that could possibly drive you. Nuts, if you don’t know what you’re doing like playing the fishing minigame, they get the heart piece or the secrets of item trading needed to get the best sword in the game.

The big bore on sword Christ. I barely made that deadline. That’S what happens when you don’t utilize the power of leaf technology? I guess, usually I don’t mind going out of my way to completely get everything in the game I did. It ends all the ones all the three of Link’s Awakening, but here it’s much more time-consuming. Not only because of the amount of things you can do, but the process of traveling across hyrule field to get to the side quest in the first place link may be a walking arsenal, but he is certainly not the fastest thing alive and with no pegasus boost Or allowing firms all the three or links awakening link won’t be kicking up dust anytime soon, Hyrule Field is very big and very spacious.

It’S filled with a lot of landmarks, but between these locations lies nothing but empty fields with the occasional p-hat. I frequently find myself sighs jumping all over the place, because it’s overall much faster than Link’s running speed, it’s like using the backpack and Symphony of the night to get the places faster. Of course it looks fucking goofy, but come on this isn’t exactly speedy here later. On in the game, you can easily work the different places with the songs that she teaches you and you even get a horse that goes by the name of the opponent, to dash across the fields with.

But this all happens in the second half of the game. For the first half you got to travel all across hyrule field on foot, especially if you want to get some side. Quests done no que porra Gabor. I don’t want to hear all of that.

Banter again. This owl will occasionally interrupt your progress when you reach an area for the first time and while it’s helpful for the first time, player you’ll, try everything in your power to avoid making eye contact with this fucking bird on your second and third playthrough god. Damnit no go away. He came poor Abu baraa boy, doing you’re not going away.

Are you open real? I rule itself, maybe a Toro travel through, but if I can complement it from one thing, its atmosphere, yeah. Obviously, the graphics have got a third dimensional boost, but this game also does a good job. Unpacking ambience the time of the day actually shifts when you’re traveling in hyrule field, leading to some potentially beautiful scenery. During your journey with the combination of good sound design, an ambient musical pieces ocarina of time does a fairly decent job of making the game’s worlds feel alive. I only wish the music was a bit more catchy.

It works, but I can’t exactly hum any of it. The temples have also benefited from this upgrade, and you can tell this is early as the first dungeon inside the great Deku Tree. Exploring these places, especially on your first time, can be an unnerving experience, because you never exactly sure what waits on the other side or around the corner. Now there’s nothing like anything.

You would encounter and survive a horror type of game, but people with a dungeon map and compass to help leave the way you’ll still need to expect the unexpected, whatever the hell. That means, personally from an experienced viewpoint. I don’t find the temples in this game to be that challenging. I do, however, find a number of them to be quite long, I’m not sure whether or not because of the 3d shift or people complaining that the judges just weren’t long enough in the previous games, where there are some thunders in this game that just never seemed To end yes, I’m talking about the God day of water temple, which for years has been the cause of despair for many players. You know what the forest temple bugs me too.

I can never remember the level design in this place and I always end up spending close to an hour completing this temple, it’s a little too bleak for my tastes. The reason why the water temple gets so much shit from a lot of people that have played this game. It’S not just because of the constant needs to raise or lower the water levels to get to new locations, but the need that constantly follows the game is switched to the iron boost to walk underwater. You know what really aggravates me about this temple, though you know, when you’re trying to solve a puzzle when you spend so long looking for the solution and then when you finally find that you slap yourself in the forehead for not realizing it earlier. This place is chock-full of that kind of shit and it pisses me off.

I just can’t, for the life of me, remember the fastest method of completing this place, and why can I use nothing, but my hook shot underwater or better? Yet why can’t I just fucking swim? Mario can do it, I’m sure, link and do it to other temples in the game, such as fire, temple of shadow temple and spirit temple are pretty fun to travel in, as I think they not only have better design chambers, but also better balance and publish solving A combat and don’t require too much back track in the resi head of the temple to fight the boss, I’m not sure whether I’m the minority or the majority here, but I found out a lot of these bosses that rhetoric a clucks I’m the type that always Makes sure, as he has a backup fairy in his bottle in case, I lose too many hearts or a spare red or blue potion to recharge my life bar, but even with those precautions, I don’t find myself losing too much help when fighting these guys, they’re, bigger And meaner than they have ever been so far, but beating them is a no-brainer. I think the tips nabhi can offer you when he locked on to an enemy or boss, helps in the matter or Navi.

She gets so much shit for being that one fairy companion that doesn’t know when to shut the fuck up, but really the only time I find her annoying is when she’s telling me to go to my next destination when I’m already on my way to the next Destination other than that she’s pretty cool, it’s a little loud. You want to know. What’S really annoying, though, trying to play ocarina songs with a fucking analog? Stick if you’re gon na play the original release of this game, I seriously recommend playing the original cartridge on an original n64.

With the original controller with the ocarina, you need to input the correct sequence of notes to play the specific songs with the arrow buttons to either discover hidden areas, treasures or progress with a dungeon or plot in the game. Keeper virtual console releases, the arrow buttons, are mapped to the right analog, stick and it’s extremely sensitive to the touch. It’S very easy to accidentally mess up a string of notes and every time that happens, I died a little inside. No other item in the game, though, requires his recommendation.

Links arsenal is back and it’s packing the same punch. It didn’t link to the past. All the staples are hearing. We even get some new toys to play with such as fire arrows or spells you can obtain from the great fairies like dense fire or full roars win, which really helps me want to set up a warp point, and it does it to reduce backtracking. My only real complaint is the limited use of some of the items. Take the Megaton hammer, for example, what you get in the fire temple like many treasures, you discover inside a particular dungeon it’s needed to complete the rest of the dungeon itself.

After that, it’s really not that helpful anymore. This is an issue, that’s sort of persisted throughout the series in general, but I couldn’t help but notice that the most here look at link utilize, the golden gauntlets. A little of this massive piece of rock just to get the next area of the castle, wouldn’t it be great if we could put that added strength to say a super attack or something? Well, that’s not the case for readily, but it’s still rather cool to look at with everything I’ve talked about so far. It sounds like I enjoyed this game just as much as a Link to the Past.

Well, yes, and no well true how Korean that time does a damn fine job, taking everything from a Link to the Past and incorporating it into the 3d world playing ocarina of time takes a lot more out of me than a Link to the Past. Ocarina of Time is a much bigger game and while that may be a positive point to bring up for some for me, it’s a flaw. What may take me and how it’ll accomplish a Link to the Past may take me several hours to do an operate out of time, collecting art pieces traveling from one location to another. It just seems much more comfortable to do in a Link to the Past.

Perhaps it’s not fair to compare the two ones: a 2d adventure game, while the others a 3d adventure game. My point is, I have to be in a certain mood to play something like Ocarina of Time. I got ta convince myself that I’m gon na be playing this for some time. I don’t have this mindset with only to the Past. I just pick it up and play it. Could it be nostalgia, I don’t know, but I can count the total amount of times I’ve played and fully completed operating at a time with one hand, but if you haven’t played ocarina of time at this point, let me show you a bit of ocarina of time.

3D, the 2011 re-release of ocarina of time for the Nintendo 3ds. Yes, I finally got a 3ds capturing device and I think that countless amount of you for pointing me in the direction of obtaining one, I’m sure I’m gon na get a lot of use out of this baby anyway, structurally, it’s the exact same game, everything that made The original n64 title the legend has become is here and accounted for graphically speaking it’s much better. Everything was recreate from the ground up, so not only do we have higher quality models, textures and atmosphere, but the frame rate was also increased from 20 to 30 frames per second leading to much smoother animations.

The text features are also substantially faster, so you could skip all that expository banter. The out gives you very quickly. Everything about this board just seems faster, and I love it more because of it. I still got a side jump everywhere as a young link, though Pegasus boots where’d you go.

Another nifty change was to the inventory system. The ocarina now has its own button, so you no longer have to assign it to one of the item buttons to use it and it top it off. There’S an extra item button given link a total of four buttons to place items on. Oh, my, that’s Wow.

Using the touchscreen to select items to use or playing notes on the ocarina, it feels completely natural and it beats using an analog. Stick any day aiming with items like the bow and arrow or slingshot is easier than ever as well, because you can now use it. Gyroscopes that tilt the camera to where you want to aim.

You can even use it to control the camera while locked onto something unless you’re a real stickler for playing a console game on a big TV. This is the version of Ocarina time you should be playing if you haven’t, played the game, yet it’s without a doubt the definitive version of it. I recommend playing on a 3dsxl. The biggest screen really brings out the enhanced graphics. If any of you were wondering, if I’m going to be talking about Master Quest operating our x equivalent to hard mode, then no I won’t be originally. It was something you could only experience it behind the collector’s edition I talked about earlier, but the 3ds version also has it.

We had to beat the main game for us to unlock it. Just to summarize, the dungeons are completely redesigned to be more difficult and on the 3ds version the game is completely flipped. I don’t know how flipping a game has any challenge, but from what I hear, it really is a hard version of the game, but I already spent enough time just recording footage for the original version of the game. Will I ever get to it? I don’t know.

That’S not a yes or no, I’m just not sure at this point, so that was the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. What many consider to be one of the best video games of all time, the magnum opus for the Zelda franchise in general? I’M sorry! I just don’t see it, it’s a well crafted game, it really is, but this is not something I could recommend to everyone. I think the same could be applied to a Link to the Past.

But to me a link to the Past is definitely more accessible and straightforward. Ocarina of time requires a lot from the player and, unless you’re into this genre, to begin with, it may not hold you over for very long, especially if you’re the impatient type it’s aged. Remarkably well – and I’m glad I can say that, because this is definitely where you want to start, we want to begin experiencing 3d Zelda titles. Well, I personally don’t agree that it’s the best game ever made or the best Zelda game period. It is a game that deserves all the recognition and praise it received in 1998.

It made the jump to 3d perfectly without messing up the overall formula, and that’s not an easy thing to do. There were tons of franchises that bit. The dust will degrade it and quality upon making the 3d shift. What Ocarina of Time accomplished is just well legendary, just one more game left to go before we finish off the Zelda marathon. Gentlemen. The final cabinet lineup is another n64 title.

So I’ll see you guys. Next time, with The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask the clock is ticking, so I got ta get to work. See you guys next time.